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From 'Aar Noi Annay' To 'Khela Hobe': Here Are PM Modi's Bengali Quips At Brigade Rally

Lashing out at West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, PM Modi often switched to Bengali while addressing the massive crowds at Kolkata's Brigade rally ground

PM Modi

Lashing out at West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, PM Modi often switched to Bengali while addressing the massive crowds at Kolkata's Brigade rally ground on Sunday. From 'Aar Noi Annay' to 'Khela Hobe', PM Modi made the crowds chant several Bengali slogans with him.  Bengal is set to go to polls in 8 phases - March 27, April 1, April 6, April 10, April 17, April 22, April 26, and April 29 with results to be announced on May 2.

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PM Modi's Bengali quips at Brigade rally

'Aar Noi Anyay'

"What is the situation of Maa Maati Manush in Bengal? Recently, the attack on an 80-year-old mother's face, has shown their true face. Those who were to serve the 'maati', have handed it to the syndicate. Today. Bengal's 'Maanush'  is troubled and has seen its own people being looted and flee Bengal. Today, whole Bengal says in one voice 'Aar Noi Annay'," he said.

PM Modi asked the crowds to chant with him,"Bhrashtachaar (Corruption)... Aar Noi... Tolabaaji (Extortion)... Aar Noi... Cut Money ....Aar Noi... Violence.. Aar Noi... Anyay (Injustice)... Aur Noi..."

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'Khela Hobe'

"I wish to tell TMC govt that I will keep working for my crores of poor friends. Will friendship work or Tolabaaji? Your energy has made Didi and her friends lose their sleep. That is why they keep saying 'Is Baar Khela Hobe'.  Truly, these people are experienced and know how to play. What ''Khel" have you left? Now listen to the roar emerging from all sides, 'TMC ka Khela Shesh. Khela Khatom'," he said.

'Bhoi Hobe Na'

"Bhoi Hobe na, Nirbhoy BJP ko Vote Karun. TMC shasane viruddh vote karun, Bangla ko Bhay-mukt karun. Bengali unnoti chay. Banglar Joy, Baharte Joy." (Do not fear. Vote for BJP without fear. make Bengal fear-free. Bengal wants progress.)

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'Chupe-Chap Kamol Chap'

"BJP's Lotus has Bengali soil's fragrance. That is why it is being said 'Lok Sabha mein TMC half aur is baar poori saaf' (In Lok Sabha TMC became half, now it will be wiped off completely). In Lok Sabha, you had a mantra, 'Chup Chaap, Kamol Chaap'. Now this time you should 'Jor Se Chaap, TMC Saaf'

'Ashol Parivartan... Ae Baar'

He concluded his speech with the crowds chanting, "Ashol Parivartan... Ae Baar .......Chaakri... Ae Baar ... Mahila Surakhha... Ae Baar .... Krushakh surakkha... Ae Baar ...... Vikaas... Ae baar ... Sushasan... Ae baar ... Sonar Bangla.... Ae baar  ..... BJP... Ae baar" (Real progress... Jobs...Women safety....Farmers' safety.....Good governance.. Progress... Golden Bengal...BJP)

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BJP's saffron push

The saffron party is gearing for a tough battle in Bengal - aiming to attain more than 200 seats, while fielding Suvendu Adhikari against Mamata Banerjee at Nandigram. The BJP had already politically divided Bengal into five parts - North Bengal, Rath Bang (South Western District), Nabadwip, Medinipur and Kolkata, handpicking Shivprakash, Sunil Deodhar, Dushyant Gautam, Bhikubhai Dalsania, Ravindra Raju,  Vinod Sonkar, Harish Dwivedi to ta work on booth levels in these regions. With over 65,000 booth committees and 14,000 Shakti Kendra constituted, the BJP has appointed five veterans as central observers - with the final call to be taken by Amit Shah. 

With BJP chief JP Nadda, Amit Shah, PM Modi holding regular public meetings, roadshows in Bengal, the saffron party has made its presence felt in Mamata Banerjee's fort. BJP has also seen an inrush of disgruntled TMC leaders like - Suvendu Adhikari and his two brothers, Rajib Banerjee, Jitendra Tiwari, Vaishali Dalmiya, Dinesh Tiwari and recently Mithun Chakraborty. PM Modi was joined on-stage by top BJP leaders and Chakraborty - BJP's latest arrival - at the 10,000-strong crowds at Brigade parade grounds at Kolkata.

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