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Giriraj Singh Takes Jibe In Italian Over Rahul Gandhi's 'set Up Fisheries Ministry' Gaffe

After Rahul Gandhi called for setting up of Fisheries Ministry under the Central Government, Union Minister Giriraj Singh took a swipe at him for his ignorance.

Giriraj Singh

After Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called for setting up the Fisheries Ministry under the Central Government, Union Minister Giriraj Singh took a swipe at the Wayanad MP over his remarks on fisheries ministry. Giriraj Singh, who is the Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy in India, urged Rahul Gandhi to come to "new fisheries ministry" to know the schemes being run by the ministry for fisheries sector all across the country.

Jovially taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, the Fisheries Minister said, "I request you to come to the new fisheries ministry or call me so that I can come and tell you about the schemes being run by the new Fisheries Ministry all over the country and in Puducherry."

Further taking a jibe at the Congress leader, Giriraj Singh went on to tweet that there is no separate ministry for Fisheries in Italy. He tweeted this in Italian for better understanding of "Caro Raul" aka Rahul Gandhi.

"There is no separate Ministry of Fisheries in Italy. It comes under the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies," Giriraj Singh tweeted in Italian while tagging Rahul Gandhi and also adding the link to the website of the Italian Ministry for the Congress leader's perusal.

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'Fishermen are farmers of sea': Rahul Gandhi

The Union Minister's jibe on Rahul Gandhi comes after the latter called for setting up of Fisheries Ministry. On Wednesday, during his address to fishermen in Puducherry ahead of the assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi compared fishermen to farmers and opined that the fishermen did not a ministry to address their grievances as the farmers had through Agriculture Ministry.

"Everybody knows that farmers are the backbone of every country. Now you will be wondering why I have come to a meeting of fishermen and I am talking about farmers. And the reason is that I consider you to be farmers of the sea. And I think to myself that if farmers of the land can have a ministry in Delhi then why can't the farmers of the sea have a ministry in Delhi," Rahul Gandhi said while addressing the fishermen.

Targeting the Centre, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the current government is attacking all small and medium businesses because they want all businesses in India to be controlled by big corporations. He added that his view is different and he wants to strengthen small businesses in the country. He also claimed that the Centre wants to weaken the SMEs.

"What Narendra Modi wants is that one or two very rich people control the entire sea," he added.

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