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Karuppar Koottam-DMK Link Surfaces After Miscreants Make Hate Remarks Against Hindu Gods

Days after Karuppar Koottam admins Surendran and Senthilvasan were arrested for posting a video depicting Hinduism in a bad light, their link with DMK emerges.


Days after Surendran Natarajan and Senthilvasan of Karuppar Koottam fame were arrested for posting a video that allegedly portrayed Hindu god Murugan and a devotional song dedicated in his name Kandha Sashti Kavasam in poor taste, new evidence has emerged that suggests channel's links with prominent regional party DMK known for its atheistic principles.

It has now been confirmed that Senthilvasan worked with DMK's IT Wing and he claimed that he is secular, however, his actions say otherwise. He aided Surendran with the vides which have offended millions of people across the world.

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Numerous allegations were levelled against the two admins who under the garb of speaking out against superstition and encouraging "rationality" ended up hurting the sentiments of millions of people.

Not only did the channel indulge in the explicit takedown of a revered God figure but also caused a stir among devout Hindus and angered BJP and other Hindu organisations, who filed a case against the channel and the miscreants. The perpetrators have not been booked, their offices sealed and the alleged videos in question removed from all social media platforms.

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The KLaruppar Koottam duo is currently booked by Central Crime Branch, who on Wednesday registered a case against them under IPC Sections 153, 153(A)(1)(a), 295(P), 505 (1)(b) and 505(2) of IPC.

In the complaint filed by the BJP's legal wing headed by advocate RC Paul Kanakaraj, he had alleged that an episode was uploaded on their channel under the title 'Aabasa Puranam Series - Kandha Sashti Kavasam - Kathakalatchebam'. The video, which has now been deleted made derogatory remarks against Hindu Gods, specifically Lord Murugan.

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Reacting to the arrest, the YouTube channel's admin and petitioner said, "A duty is cast upon every citizen of India under Article 51A(h) to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform." Using this an example, and a bargaining chip, the petitioner claimed, no offence can hence be carried out against the channel for their content.

DMK has come in support for Surendran and the channel and has stated that they have every right to fight for social justice, express views on religion and existence of God under the Constitution and that they should not be punished for it. Frustrated netizens trended the hashtags #ITWing #TNRejectsEIA and #KarupparKoottam


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