Maha CM Uddhav Thackeray Slams BJP On Hindutva, Says 'keeping Our Word Is Sena's Hindutva'


Slamming Shiv Sena's 35-year old ally BJP, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, on Sunday, said that the Sena has not betrayed Hindutva, in the Assembly

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:
Uddhav Thackeray

Slamming Shiv Sena's 35-year old ally BJP, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, on Sunday, said that the Sena has not betrayed Hindutva, in his first Assembly address as CM.  Defining a new 'Hindutva', he stated that the Sena's Hindutva did not involve 'chanting Jai Shree Ram and then turning away from their words. Reaffirming on his Hindutva he said that the Sena's Hindutva was intact and meant that 'it will keep its word'. 

'Keeping our word is Sena's Hindutva': CM Uddhav

"Saying Jay Shree Ram and then turning out from your words is not our Hindutva. Our Hindutva was intact before today and tomorrow. I have never betrayed anyone. Keeping our words is our Hindutva," he said.

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'New allies, new Opponents': Thackeray

Speaking about his new alliance with the Congress-NCP, Thackeray said that while those who were friends are now opponents, while those who were opponents are his friends. After Fadnavis was elected as the Leader of Opposition, he stated that he will not address him as Opposition as he looked forward to his co-operation. Taunting Fadnavis' mid-night deal struck with Ajit Pawar, he said that there was 'No need to do any action during midnight'.

"We have been together since 25 years. The ones who were my opponents are my friends and my friends are now opponents. I won't call you leader of opposition but I will expect and will look forward for your cooperation. We have the responsibility of shaping the coming history," he added.

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Shiv Sena's ideological compromise

The Shiv Sena recently released its 'secular' joint Common Minimum Programme with its allies Congress-NCP. The CMP's preamble declares that the alliance will take a joint view on matters which have consequences on the 'secular fabric of the nation' indicating towards a toned-down right-wing Shiv Sena. Incidentally, Shiv Sena from its inception to date has been a strong advocate of Hindutva - which politically sets it apart from the 'secular' Congress. It has been very vocal on issues like Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Bharat Ratna for Savarkar and Maratha pride.

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BJP-Sena fight

While Shiv Sena had reiterated that it will accept only the 50:50 formula, BJP denied ever having agreed to such a formula reportedly offering 13 cabinet portfolios to Sena while keeping 26 for its ministers. Apart from Sena's portfolio demand, the party had demanded a sharing of 2.5 years in the CM post too ; this has been refused by Devendra Fadnavis, stating, 'The next govt will be formed under a BJP CM.' With no respite to the deadlock, Sena allied  with NCP-Congress and Thackeray was sworn-in as the first Thackeray CM on November 27. The alliance also won the floor test on Saturday by 169 votes, as the Opposing BJP walked out.

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