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'Neither Present In Parliament, Nor Country': Anurag Thakur Schools Rahul Gandhi In LS

MoS Finance Anurag Thakur schooled Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi after the latter's scorching remarks as he misinterpreted the new agrarian laws.

Anurag Thakur

Amid the intense face-off between the Centre and the opposition in the Lok Sabha session on Thursday, Union Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur schooled Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi after the latter's scorching remarks as he misinterpreted the new farm laws.

With intense rage and aggression, Rahul Gandhi brought the issue of the farm laws when the Lok Sabha session was reserved to discuss the Union Budget 2021-22. The Wayanad MP resorted to fearmongering by alleging that the agrarian laws will encourage hoarding of the farm produce. He also alleged with much conviction that the laws are pro-corporate and only benefit 'hum do hamare do', a targeted attack on PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and the two leading industrialists of the country.

More importantly, the discussion on farm laws took place on Wednesday when PM Modi gave point by point replies over the fears expressed by the farmers and also on the misinformation campaign run by alleged vested interests surrounding the farm laws. However, Rahul Gandhi along with other Congress MPs staged a walk-out on Wednesday when they had a chance to discuss on the farm laws.

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Rahul Gandhi 'not prepared for Budget discussion': Anurag Thakur

"A senior MP was speaking before me, so I thought he must be knowing rules of this House and that if one issue has already been discussed, it is not discussed again. Secondly, I can understand that he had not come prepared to speak on the Budget," Anurag Thakur said while taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi.

"He was neither present for the entire duration of Budget nor does he have the habit of being present in the House. Some people are less present in the parliament as well as in the country, (Kuch log Sadan mein bhi kam rehte hain aur desh mein bhi kam rehte hain, uska khamiyaza yehi hota hai)", Anurag Thakur said pointing towards Rahul Gandhi while adding that "he (Rahul) is leaving again" as Rahul Gandhi decided to walk out after Thakur's pointed attack.

"This is nothing new, I have spoken earlier as well, and he had walked out earlier as well, so this is nothing new," Thakur quipped.

Thakur then took to Twitter to flay Rahul Gandhi over the Lok Sabha faceoff. He tweeted, "Rahul ji would be able to comment on the budget only when he listened to or read the budget. First, he says, run the House, if the House runs, he is not prepared for it, then he doesn't speak on the subject and instead runs his agenda, and then he walks out after getting exposed. How will it work Rahul Ji?"

Speaking on the Union Budget 2021-22, Thakur said that "the Budget shows a hope - a hope to build new India, a hope for stronger India, a hope to build Aatmanirbhar Bharat and I would like to thank the Finance Minister because this is going to set the path to make India an economic & manufacturing powerhouse."

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