Ramachandra Guha Claims He Was Distorted, Slams Congress Even In His Clarification


Amid facing severe backlash for his unusually tough statements against the Gandhi family, historian Ramachandra Guha attempted to backtrack from his position.

Written By Akhil Oka | Mumbai | Updated On:
Ramachandra Guha

Amid facing severe backlash on Twitter for his unusually tough statements against the Gandhi family and the Left, historian Ramachandra Guha attempted to backtrack from his position on Saturday. He claimed that the essence of his talk at the Kerala Literature Festival in Kozhikode was distorted by cherry-picking few sentences.

At the same time, Guha reiterated that "one family" controlling the Congress was a hindrance to the movement against Hindutva. Moreover, Guha opined that ordinary citizens would stand up for constitutional values if Congress was not up to the task. 

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U-turn on PM Modi?

Meanwhile, Guha also wrote a scathing opinion piece on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a news publication earlier in the day. According to him, the PM was unable to work with people of independent standing beyond a certain time span. The historian attributed this phenomenon to the PM’s alleged suspicion of people with degrees from suspicious universities.  

Interestingly, he had showered praise on PM Modi in the Kozhikode event on Friday. Guha remarked, "Narendra Modi's great advantage is that he is not Rahul Gandhi. He is self-made. He has run a state for 15 years, he has administrative experience, he is incredibly hard-working and he never takes holidays in Europe. Believe me, I am saying all this in all seriousness." 

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Guha targets Congress and the Left

Despite being one of the most vocal critics of BJP and PM Modi, Guha on Friday opined that the people of Kerala had committed a huge mistake by electing a “fifth-generation dynast” like Rahul Gandhi. Moreover, he highlighted the pitfalls of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Thereafter, he not only targeted Congress president Sonia Gandhi but also slammed the Left for its ideological hypocrisy. 

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