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Why Lotus Used In G-20 Logo?: Rashid Alvi Attacks Centre Over G20 Summit

After this, the Congress leader claimed that water was accumulated at the G20 Summit venue and demanded that a committee should be formed over this.

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Congress leader Rashid Alvi | Image: PTI/File

Congress leader Rashid Alvi attacked the central government over the G20 Summit on Monday. Referring to the recently concluded G20 Summit in the national capital, Alvi said that there is no need to do politics over G20 as every country gets the presidency of the G20 Summit. Further attacking the Centre, he said that the Modi government has done politics as they used the symbol of Lotus in the decoration of G20. "Why was Lotus used in G-20 logo design?" Alvi asked. 

After this, the Congress leader claimed that water was accumulated at the G20 Summit venue and demanded that a committee should be formed over this and an enquiry should be conducted. 

The official venue of the G20 Summit was the recently inaugurated Bharat Mandapam in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. 

The G20 Summit recently concluded in New Delhi which is being said to be the most ambitious and successful Summit in the organisation’s history. 

Delhi Governor’s Contingency Plan 

When it started to rain at the G20 leaders' dinner hosted by President Droupadi Murmu, Delhi Lt. Governor VK Saxena activated the rain contingency plan, Raj Niwas authorities said on Sunday.

They also mentioned that Saxena had congratulated the people of Delhi-NCR for helping to make the G20 Summit a huge success.

"The Lt Governor underlined that without their support, enthusiasm and patience in the face of inconveniences, this international event could not have played out with the perfection that it did," an official said.

Saxena also expressed gratitude to the "rain gods" for helping to make the dignitaries' visit even more memorable by lowering temperatures and improving the Air Quality Index (AQI).

In the event of rainfall, various government ministries and organisations developed rain contingency plans.

"For waterlogging that occurred at certain sites prone to flooding, pumps were immediately put into action. The water was drained within 15 minutes during the night. Similarly, potted plants that tumbled due to the impact of rain and wind were replaced immediately and incidents of trees falling in the NDMC area were addressed," the Raj Niwas official added.

NDMC, PWD pull an all-nighter

Teams from the PWD and the NDMC worked all night to prevent waterlogging on the roadways earmarked for VVIP transit during the G20 Summit as rain lashed the national capital on Saturday.

Satish Upadhyay, vice chairman of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), said that more than 1,000 diligent NDMC staff and Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) worked nonstop all night Saturday to prevent waterlogging on important roads used by Heads of State during the G20 Leaders Summit.

He claimed the staff worked to make sure the roads were clean for high-profile VIP convoys between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

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