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₹89,000 Crore Boost for Uttarakhand: Education, Hilly Regions Prioritised | 10 Takeaways From Budget

Uttarakhand's FY 2024–25 budget of Rs 89,000 crore also focuses on aiding the poor, disaster relief, infrastructure, and air connectivity. Check Details

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State Finance Minister Premchand Agarwal with Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami
State Finance Minister Premchand Agarwal with Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami | Image:X/ DD

Dehradun: The Uttarakhand government has revealed its budget for the fiscal year 2024–25, totaling over Rs 89,000 crore. Presented in the state assembly, the budget has the primary goal of prioritising the welfare of the poor, disaster mitigation, infrastructure development, and increasing air connectivity across all districts.

State Finance Minister Premchand Agarwal presented the budget of Rs 89,230.07 crore. During the presentation, he said the budget is inclusive and geared towards encouraging a developed and well-governed Uttarakhand. "The spirit of the budget is inclusive, and it touches all sections,"Agarwal said. The Finance Minister, during his budget speech, added, "We are breaking the vicious circle of policy paralysis and working on a bigger scale and at a higher speed.”


Key priorities outlined in the budget 

  • Ensuring the safety of remote hill areas by renovation and restoration unsafe bridges and river-crossing mechanisms,
  • Increasing air connectivity in all districts
  •  Providing essential furniture to government schools. 
  • Additionally, the budget aims for the phased implementation of solar energy systems in government buildings and the digitisation of land and government records, as the finance minister said.

Other vital and needed allocations 

  • Funding for infrastructure projects such as Panchayat buildings, theme parks, and parking lots, along with investments in agriculture, horticulture, and forest departments. 
  • The budget will also allocate funds for healthcare under the National Health Mission and will underline investment in education, civil aviation, urban development, and housing.
  • With a total outlay of Rs 89,230.07 crore, the government has allocated Rs 55,815.77 crore for revenue expenditure and Rs 33,414.30 crore for capital expenditure.
  •  Key allocations also include Rs 1,404.30 crore for the Public Works Department (PWD),
  •  Rs 1,000 crore for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), 
  • Funds for megaprojects and dam construction are also included in the FY 24-25 budget.

The budget as per the state government is a way of proclamation of its ‘commitment’ to balanced development, employment generation, rural-urban infrastructure, tourism, and cultural conservation. It displays a joint effort to help move Uttarakhand towards prosperity while addressing the diverse needs of its populace, both urban and rural, reports added. Furthermore, The budget is set for discussion in the state assembly, with passage scheduled for March 1 after thorough debate.


Published February 27th, 2024 at 19:20 IST

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