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26 Delhi-bound trains running late as fog disrupts rail traffic | Check FULL list here

As many as 26 Delhi-bound trains are running late by hours.

Manisha Roy
North Western Railway takes additional steps for trains safe operation in dense fog
26 Delhi-bound trains are running late | Image:PTI

New Delhi: Foggy conditions in the northern region continued to disrupt the train operations in the national capital, on Wednesday. As many as 26 Delhi-bound trains scheduled to arrive here from various parts of the country are running late by hours.

The Indian Railways issued a list of trains that are facing delays today. This comes as cold wave conditions continue to prevail in North India. 



Check list of 26 trains facing delays:

Flight operations at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi also faced significant delays on Thursday as thick fog enveloped the region. The fog hampered visibility and disrupted the normal schedule of flights.


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