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BREAKING: Modi 3.0 Inevitable, Confident PM Outlines Vision For 3rd Term

"Modi 3.0 will use all its strength towards strengthening the foundation of Viksit Bharat", said the Prime Minister.

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Blueprint of Modi 3.0
Blueprint of Modi 3.0 | Image:Republic TV

Modi 3.0 Sarkar Latest News: In his fervent response to the President's Motion of Thanks in the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday exuded unwavering confidence, asserting that his NDA government is set to secure a historic third term at the Centre as India braces itself for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. PM Modi also delineated his vision for India's trajectory over the next five years  with fervour and determination. “The third term of our Government is not far. A few people call it 'Modi 3.0'. Modi 3.0 will use all its strength towards strengthening the foundation of Viksit Bharat. We will not slow down the progress. My guarantee is the poor will continue to get free treatment of up to 5 lakh, 80% discount medicines will continue, Kisan Samman Nidhi will continue, the pucca house scheme will continue, Nal se Jal Yojana will continue, and toilets will be built”, PM said unveiling plan for the next 5 years.   

Modi 3.0 Era: ‘Expansion of Bullet Train, Vande Bharat’ 

 "In the coming 5 years, the strength of India's youth in the world within sports will be recognised. In the next 5 years, the public transport of India is going to be transformed. In the next 5 years, the country will see Bullet Train and the expansion of Vande Bharat. In the coming 5 years, Made in India will echo in the semiconductor world, and we will be the leader in electronics..", said PM. 

Modi 3.0 Era: ‘Drones to be New Strength For Farmers’

"I launched a campaign for millet through the UN. I do not see that day far away, where in the coming five years, the superfood millet produced by the small farmers of our village will be available in the world market. Drones will be a new strength for farmers. I am sure that animal husbandry and fish farming will increase and we are going to create records...", said PM. 


Modi 3.0: Boost to Tourism

"Tourism is going to give the maximum employment in the coming days. Due to the policies we are pursuing, India is going to become a big tourist destination", promised PM Modi.


Modi 3.0: Digital System to Boost India's Potential

"India is going to make a name for itself in the world of digital economy in the coming five years, India is a new power, and digital systems are going to enhance India's potential. It is my firm belief that our scientists will take India to the world of space in the direction of surprising the world. I am confident that the country will not listen to those whose warranty has ended, the country will believe in those whose guarantee has been tested”, said PM. 


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