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Bureaucrat’s son held for trying to mow down partner Priya Singh granted bail by Thane court

Beautician and influencer Priya Singh (26) had accused her boyfriend Ashwajit Gaikwad of trying to mow her under his SUV near in Thane, Maharashtra

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Priya Singh
Ashwajit Gaikwad with Priya Singh (left). | Image:Instagram/@priyasingh_official

Thane: Ashwajit Gaikwad has been granted bail, along with his two aides, by the Thane court on Monday, a day after he was arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for allegedly running over his girlfriend Priya Singh. The Maharashtra Police had constituted an SIT for investigation in the case headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone 5 Amar Singh Jadhav. The Police had seized the vehicle used in the alleged crime.  

All three accused in the run-over case - Gaikwad, Romil Patil and Sagar Shedge- have been granted bail at the surety of Rs.15000 each. Earlier, the court had sent them to a 14-day judicial custody following which they applied for bail.  


Beautician and influencer Priya Singh (26) had accused her boyfriend Ashwajit Gaikwad, son of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation MD Anil Gaikwad, on December 12, of trying to mow her under his SUV near a hotel in Thane after the couple had an argument.

Priya narrates her ordeal

Priya Singh (26) narrated how her boyfriend Ashwajit Gaikwad made her suffer while speaking exclusively with Republic from her hospital bed. It was at 4 am on December 12 that Priya got a call from her boyfriend Ashwajit, asking her to join him at a family function where his friends were also present. One of his friends, Romil Patil, insulted her and Ashwajit refused to protect her. Instead, he allegedly slapped her, pulled her hair and tried to strangle her, said Priya while speaking with Republic. 

Priya Singh that she had an argument with Gaikwad, after which she went to Ashwajit’s car to collect her belongings. At this point, the person driving the vehicle tried to mow her down, as confirmed by the police. As a result, she suffered serious injuries and is being treated in a hospital.


Ashwajit denies allegations 

However, Gaikwad has rejected all the allegations in his statement to Thane Police, adding that the accident was not intentional and happened when she was inebriated. Ashwajit has claimed that Priya Singh had reached the venue in a drunken state and had abused her on the night of the accident. He has claimed that she even hits some of his friends when they tried to intervene. He further alleged that he asked his driver to start the SUV to take her away from the hotel but she fell out of the vehicle.


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