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Viral video Shows Speeding Car Hitting A Bike And Sending The Rider Skidding Across The Pavement

Mumbai experiences a fluctuating number of traffic accidents each year, but the average figure is thought to be in the range of 10,000 each year.

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Viral Video: Mumbai Car-Bike Accident
Viral Video: Mumbai Car-Bike Accident | Image:X

Mumbai: Road safety regulations and behavioral modifications by citizens are essential for any progress toward reducing road accidents and casualties in India. Over time, traffic accidents in India have become more deadly, with a notable rise in incidents. As always, two-wheelers are the most numerous victims of accidents caused by overspeeding. An incident involving a biker and a car at a traffic signal in Mumbai was captured on camera and recently went viral.

Shocking Accident Video

The discussion that followed about who was at fault when the biker—who was riding on the wrong side of the road—turned, thinking that approaching vehicles with the opposite signal would stop—was what made this incident unique. Unexpectedly, a fast-moving car ignored the stop sign and struck the bike, sending the rider skidding across the pavement.

Roads Of Mumbai Shared The Video 

'Roads Of Mumbai' posted the video with the description, "Who will get booked according to Traffic Police in our country?" on the microblogging platform "X." People began to voice their opinions about who they thought was at fault, with the bike rider and the car driver appearing to share some of the guilt. This caused a rush of opinions.


large Volume Of Accidents Each Year

Being one of the busiest cities in India, Mumbai experiences a large volume of vehicle traffic on its roadways, which contributes to a notable annual number of road accidents. Mumbai experiences a fluctuating number of traffic accidents each year, but the average figure is thought to be in the range of 10,000 each year. As per the Mumbai Traffic Police, the primary reasons for traffic accidents in the city are driving with recklessness and negligence, exceeding the speed limit, and breaking traffic regulations by not stopping at red lights and driving while intoxicated.


To lower the amount of accidents in Mumbai, the Traffic Police have initiated a number of awareness campaigns and enforcement activities to remind drivers of the significance of obeying traffic laws and to penalize those who do not. In addition, the Mumbai Police have implemented AI-powered systems and automated cameras to monitor and control traffic in the city. The government and the public are both concerned about Mumbai's high traffic accident rate, which persists despite these measures. The aftermath of a road accident disaster is often left to the families of the victims, who either die or sustain severe injuries.


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