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Delhi-Bengaluru-Kolkata: War Rooms Across 6 Metros To Deal With Flight Delays | Details Inside

Flight Delays, Cancellations: 'War rooms' will be set up by airports and airline operators at all 6 metros to address any issues about passenger inconvenience".

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IndiGo direct flight between Mumbai and Ayodhya
IndiGo has started direct flight operations between Mumbai and Ayodhya | Image:ANI

New Delhi: Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Tuesday announced a six-point action plan to mitigate passengers' inconvenience owing to the fog-induced disruptions to domestic and international commercial flight operations. Taking to X (formerly Twitter),  Scindia underlined new SOPs, or standard operating procedures, issued to airlines to tackle flight disruptions. "'War rooms' will be set up by airports and airline operators at all six metros to address any issues about passenger inconvenience with immediacy, Scindia wrote on X, adding "Sufficient CISF (Central Industrial Security Force, which handles security at airports) manpower will be ensured round-the-clock."  

In view of the fog-induced disruptions, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on mitigating passenger inconvenience were issued yesterday to all the airlines. 

  1. In addition to these SOPs, we have sought incidence reporting thrice daily for all the 6 metro airports.
  2. Implementation of the DGC Directives, SOPs and CARs will be monitored and reported regularly.
  3. ‘War Rooms’ will be set up by airports and airline operators at the 6 Metro Airports to address any issues with regard to passenger inconvenience with immediacy.
  4. Sufficient CISF manpower availability will be ensured round-the-clock.
  5. RWY 29L at Delhi Airport has been made CAT III operational today.
  6. Operationalization of RWY 10/28 as CAT III at Delhi Airport after re-carpeting will also be undertaken.

In the last few days, there were incidents of a passenger assaulting an IndiGo pilot at the Delhi airport and passengers of an IndiGo flight sitting on the tarmac of the Mumbai airport amid long flight delays due to fog. Against this backdrop, aviation regulator DGCA on Monday issued a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) after Scindia said all stakeholders are working round-the-clock to minimise fog-related disruptions.


Published January 16th, 2024 at 16:54 IST

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