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Over 27 lakh still deprived of Aadhar in Assam as biometrics blocked

Despite biometrics recorded during the NRC, around 10% of Assam's population (27 lakh people) remains without Aadhar card leaving them ineligible for benefits

Anirudha Bhakat
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BJP demands CBI or NIA probe into fake Aadhaar card, voter ID creation case in Karnataka | Image:PTI


Guwahati:  Despite five and a half years since the release of the complete draft NRC, individuals excluded from the list, with recorded biometrics, still face challenges obtaining Aadhar Cards in Assam. A significant 27 lakh people, nearly 10% of the state's population, remain without Aadhar, rendering them ineligible for government benefits, schemes, passport applications, and other beneficiary programs that mandate Aadhar as a prerequisite.


Why they don't have an Aadhar? 

When the NRC was being updated, at that time the biometrics of 27 lakh people were collected by the authorities as initially there names were not there in the list. At that point in time, it was assured that they will get their Aadhar delivered at home. However, even after repeated visit to the Aadhar Centers, these people are now not being able to register their biometrics. This even when their names have come on the complete draft NRC published on June 30, 2018.


The Supreme Court issued Standard Operating Procedure, required registering of biometrics by those whose name were not on the list. As per the directive, they were supposed to get their names cleared through appeal, which they have already done. 

The Reason? 


As per information received from Aadhar Center, it has been learnt that the biometrics of these individuals are still blocked. The Register General of India, which was the nodal agency for updating the NRC, has not cleared the same. 

Samsul Haque, who is spearheading a group of people whose biometrics are blocked has said that because of the biometrics being blocked and as a result of which they are deprived of Aadhar has only multiplied their problems. "We don't have an Aadhar Card as our biometrics are blocked. As a result of these not only we don't have access to the beneficiary schemes of the government, but even we are unable to open bank accounts or apply for the ration card or passport." 

Making an appeal to the government, Samsul and his group has now threatened to go on a hunger strike if their demands are not made. 

"We are 27 lakh people. If the government doesn't heed our single demand, we are going to fast unto death in Guwahati," Samsul said. 




Published December 30th, 2023 at 14:37 IST

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