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Pinku or Nafees? Monk, Who Returned Home After 22 Years, Turns Out to be Fraud

On the complaint of the family, the police are now investigating the matter and trying to trace the accused and his associates.

Abhishek Tiwari
Fraud monk
Monk Pinku turns out as fraud Nafees in UP's Amethi | Image:X/ screen grab

Amethi: Just a few days after a man, in the guise of monk, had claimed to a family in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi, that he is their son, who was missing since the last 22-years, has come out to be a hoax. The victim’s family, which broke into tears of joy after the claims made by the accused, has once again been left disheartened with a feeling of being cheated. The man, earlier claimed to be the victim family’s lost son Arun Singh alias Pinku, who had returned home from a ‘Math’ after 22-years, turned out to be a fraudster identified as Nafees. It was found that Nafees, in the guise of a monk, was mulling to cheat the family for lakhs of rupees claiming that he needed to pay back to the Math, if he wants to return home.

As per sources, the accused, who managed to let the family believe in his story that he was their son, had claimed that he could only return home from the math by paying an amount of over Rs 10 lakh to the Gurus of the Math.


Police are trying to trace the accused 

The family, which desperately wanted their son back, talked to his associates and reached an agreement for 3.60 lakh to be paid. The family even went to sell their agricultural land to arrange the amount. However, somehow they came to know about the fraud of the accused and reported the matter to the police.


The police are now investigating the matter and trying to trace the accused and his associates. 

A video of the incident went viral

The incident had grabbed the eyes of people across the country, when it was claimed in a viral video that Arun Singh alias Pinku, who went missing about 22-years-ago at the age of 11, had returned back to his mother in the guise of a monk.

It is being said that after remaining with the family for hours he left for his math, claiming it to be somewhere in Jharkhand. Later, the man called the family and stated that he needs to pay the math over Rs 10 lakh, in order to leave the life of a monk and return to the home.


To get his son back, father of the missing son, Ratipal sold his agricultural land to pay back the math. However, when they tried to enquire before paying such a hefty amount to the math, it was found that the man came to their home as their son Pinku was Nafees of Tikariya village of Jharkhand’s Gonda district.

Fraudster’s family has alleged history of cheating people

It was found during the preliminary inquiry that the family members of the accused Nafees are infamous for such kinds of frauds posing as monks. It is being said that one of Nafees’s brothers had cheated a family for lakhs of rupees in Village Sahaspura Parsodha in ​UP’s ​Mirzapur in 2021 posing as monk. However, later, the police traced and nabbed him. 

What does the family have to say?

As per the victim family, Arun Singh alias Pinku, who was studying in Delhi with his father, had gone missing in 2002. After 22 years, a young man in the form of Pinku and playing Sarangi was begging for alms in their village, claiming to be their son.

The astonishing tale of a son's reappearance after two decades, now living as a monk, had captured widespread attention, unfolding in Uttar Pradesh's Amethi district and tugging at heartstrings across the nation. A video capturing the emotional reunion of a mother with her missing son had also surfaced grabbing quite an attention on social media.


The family started crying after finding their missing son requesting him not to go to the math again. The conversation gradually turned into bargaining for money.



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