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Taxis, App-Based Cabs in Bengaluru to Follow New Price Structure | Check Revised Fares

The new fare structure released by the Karnataka Transport Department will categorise cabs into three seperate classes depending on the cost of the vehicle.

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Ola Cabs.
The Karnataka Transport Department has introduced a new fare structure for cabs operating in the state. | Image:PTI

BENGALURU: As per a new fare structure announced by the Karnataka Transport Department, city taxis and those operating through app-based aggregators like Ola and Uber will now be uniform and these revised rates will be applicable throughout the state with immediate effect. Prior to this change, the fares for the two different categories of taxis were different. The new fare structure, which was released by the transport department on Saturday, will have cabs categorised into three seperate classes depending on the cost of the vehicle in question. Additionally, this new fare structure also lays down when a cab operator can charge extra and how waiting charges will now apply, among other things. 

  • For vehicles whose purchase cost is Rs 10 lakh or below, the minimum fare has been fixed at Rs 100 for up to four km with a charge of Rs 24 for every additional km. 
  • For those costing between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh, the minimum fare is Rs 115, and per km cost is set at Rs 28.
  •  For those costing above 15 lakh, minimum fare is set at Rs 130 with Rs 32 charged for each additional km.
  • No cab aggregators will be allowed to collect extra charges.
  • In regard to waiting charges, the new structure stipulates the first five minutes being free, following which passengers will be charged Re 1 for every minute.
  • App-based aggregators can collect five per cent GST as well as toll charges from the passengers. 
  • For cabs booked between 12 am and 6 am, operators can charge an additional 10 per cent over the aforementioned fare structure. 

With inputs from PTI. 


Published February 4th, 2024 at 18:51 IST

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