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Pet Dog Bites House Help in Noida Extension Highrise, Bisrakh Police Begins Probe

A 32-year-old woman, Babita, employed as a house help, was attacked by a German Shepherd dog, on the 18th floor of Galaxy Royal Society.

Reported by: Simran Babbar
Edited by: Kriti Dhingra
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GREATER NOIDA: In a harrowing incident in Greater Noida's Gaur City-II, a 32-year-old woman, Babita, employed as a house help, was attacked by a German Shepherd dog, on the 18th floor of Galaxy Royal Society. The incident unfolded on Tuesday evening when Babita was mauled by the unrestrained pet dog while she was returning from work.

Babita's husband Naveen Kumar recounted the horrifying experience, stating: “The severe attack left her entire arm and hand bleeding”. The incident took place at around 5 pm on Tuesday, following which Babita was immediately rushed to Sarvodya Hospital.


“The dog owners were pre-occupied in their rooms with loud music, and they failed to intervene for 10 minutes staright, even as the bleeding continued”, Kumar lamented.

Allegations of negligence against the dog owners have been raised, as the German Shepherd was reportedly not tethered on the 18th floor of the high-rise. 


Amid a noted increase in the incidents of dog attacks inside high-rise residential societies across the national capital region, the Greater Noida Authority had recently announced a stringent penalty of Rs 10,000 on pet owners in case of their pets (dogs and cats) attacking individuals. Additionally, pet owners are required to cover all medical expenses for treatment of injuries inflicted on individual(s) by their pets.

Kumar further told Republic: "The cost for the initial relief was covered by them. However, this is the third such incident involving their dog attacking someone. During a society meeting, when asked to pay the fine as per Greater Noida rules, the dog owner's family displayed rude behavior and even abused us. A formal complaint has been lodged, and I urge the police to thoroughly investigate the matter."


The Noida police, in an official statement, confirmed the incident, stating: "An application has been submitted, and necessary legal action is underway. The complainant has filed an FIR under sections 289, 504 & 506 of the Indian Penal Code at the Bisrakh police station, naming Hazari Lal, the dog owner, as the accused. The police is currently investigating the alleged misbehavior by the accused family following the dog attack."

As the investigation unfolds, residents of Greater Noida are increasingly calling for stricter enforcement of pet ownership regulations to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of the community.


Published January 3rd, 2024 at 18:40 IST

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