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'Hang Nirbhaya's rapists or give permission for euthanasia':Social activist Yogita Bhayana

Women's Rights Activist, Yogita Bhayana submits letter to President, asks him to either hang Nirbhaya's culprits by December 16th or let her take euthanasia

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On Tuesday, Women's Rights Activist, Yogita Bhayana submitted a heartbreaking letter to President Kovind asking him to either hang Nirbhaya's culprits by December 16 or give her permission for euthanasia. She stated that December 16 was the day that Nirbhaya was raped 7 years ago and her fight to bring her to justice began hence and we should arrive at a conclusion on the very day. In her letter, she also stated that she was 'tired' and 'shattered' waiting and it was time that the nation and the world needed a strong message against crimes perpetrated towards women. 

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"Nirbhaya's culprits are still living and breathing amidst social chaos regarding women security which has overshadowed the reputation of our nation worldwide. As again the very recent case of Disha, Hyderabad and the lethal attack on a rape victim in Unnao, strongly recommends that India as a nation has failed to provide security to its women," read her letter. 

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"I have requested permission from the Honorable President for my euthanasia. It has been almost 7 years since the Nirbhaya incident, I have not got justice yet, I feel ashamed and helpless. Hang the convicts of Nirbhaya on December 16, otherwise allow me euthanasia," Yogita tweeted along with a copy of her letter to President Kovind. In her letter, she stated that her life seemed 'purposeless' and she felt like she was 'dying every day' waiting for justice to be delivered to Nirbhaya and her aggrieved soul. "I strongly feel its better to die once and become free rather than living a disgraced life as a woman every day, dying, every moment," she wrote.

Speaking exclusively to Republic Tv Yogita Bhayana said, that "A strong message has not gone to the masses, even in world-famous cases like Nirbhaya, nothing has been done. We are pampering them and feeding them with taxpayers' money. Every year I see 2-3 similar kinds of cases. The message needs to go that if you do commit something like this you will be hanged. I meet with aggrieved families and my blood boils. I am not saying it for the mere sake of saying it, there needs to be something extreme done. Capital punishment needs to be time bound. Maybe my sacrifice will shake the consciousness of the society." 

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