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Hyderabad animal activists rescue five puppies from drain after 10 hours; watch video here

A group of animal activists rescued a litter of puppies from a drain line after they remained stuck for 10 hours. The incident took place in Hyderabad

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Animal rescue stories are always heartwarming. In one such incident, a group of animal activists rescued a litter of puppies from a drain line after they remained stuck for 10 hours. The incident took place around Ambedkar Nagar in Hyderabad, Telangana. A group of Animal Warriors Conservation Society (ACWS) reached the spot and swiftly got into action after they were alerted by locals.

As per reports, the locals saw the mother of the pups wandering about the drain and informed the ACWS group. The team arrived and dug a hole over the drain to access the manhole and rescue the pooches stuck inside for over 10 hours. The video of the rescue operation has gone viral after it was uploaded on the ACWS's official YouTube and Instagram handle. Take a look at the video:


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Hungry and scared pups kept weeping

The video begins with the shot of the manhole in which the little puppies were trapped. Then it cuts to the mother trying to enter the small opening to the dark hole. The video then shows the ACWS team jackhammering the concrete over the manhole to access the location where the pups were stuck. A volunteer then enters the hole with a torch. Meanwhile, the mother looms around watching the scene. She seemingly understood that the people around were trying to help her.

As the team enters the manhole, the scared pups begin to bark and cry incessantly. The volunteer rescues the litter one by one and then they reunite with the mother.

The ACWS team narrated the episode in the caption of the video uploaded on their YouTube channel. "They drank milk from mother after a long time! Mother dog was so excited came to us to thank us , pups joined here !! Finally, the whole happy family went back to life !!! Thanks to Narayannam Engineering college students and staff who stood by us to save these pups !!!" the elated group of rescuers wrote.

Netizens loved the effort of the young volunteers

Viewers on social media applauded the young volunteers for their dedication to rescue the little pooches. Netizens praised the society and gushed over how carefully and responsibly the volunteers saved the cuties. The video since uploaded on August 13 amassed over 1300 views on YouTube and 27,496 views on Instagram.

(With inputs from @ACWS/Instagram)

(Image: @ACWS/Instagram)


Published August 19th, 2021 at 22:18 IST

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