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Railways Approve Suburban Train Service Between Shivajinagar-Lonavala To Ease Pune Station Traffic

Pune: This approval comes in response to a request dated 10.01.2024 regarding the introduction of new suburban train service between Shivaji Nagar and Lonavala.

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Pune: Shivaji Nagar-Lonavala Suburban Train Service
Pune: Shivaji Nagar-Lonavala Suburban Train Service | Image:Instagram

Pune: A suburban train service between Shivaji Nagar and Lonavala has been approved by the Ministry of Railways at the request of Railway Prawasi Sangh, Pimpri Chinchwad. The Ministry of Railways has approved the introduction of the 99838/37 Shivaji Nagar-Lonavala Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) at the following timings mentioned below, according to reports. This approval comes in response to a request dated 10.01.2024 regarding the introduction of new suburban train service between Shivaji Nagar and Lonavala. 

99838 Shivajinagar – Lonavala EMUStations99837 Lonavala – Shivajinagar EMU

Under the advice of this office, the aforementioned introduction may take effect at a convenient early period. As a special service that should pick up its link later, the inaugural train can be scheduled if necessary.


What Is Suburban Railways

Typically, suburban railways serve the nearby suburban areas while operating in urban districts. They are made to provide rail passengers with a way to get to and from work or other locations in the city and its environs by connecting the city core with the surrounding suburbs. Suburban railways are renowned for their frequent service during peak hours and frequently have several stops along their routes.


Difference Between Suburban And Metro railways

Metro railways, often known as rapid transport or mass rapid transit systems, are designed for heavily populated urban areas with high traffic volumes. Suburban railways are usually slower on trains and have a lower passenger capacity than metro systems. They are built to move lots of people quickly through cities with little stops, which eases traffic and provides a quicker way to get about. While suburban railways concentrate on linking the city with its suburbs and metro railways offer rapid transit within highly populated urban areas, both types of trains serve urban and suburban areas. However, there are differences in their operational characteristics, service areas, and target populations.


Last year, Shivaji Nagar Railway Station's new local terminal's development work was finished. Many local trains leaving from Pune station would be significantly reduced if there were trains to Lonavala. The railway authority constructed an EMU (Electric Multiple Unit, or Local) terminal at Shivajinagar station to alleviate congestion at the Pune station. A 330-meter-long new platform was also constructed. Nearly one crore has been invested in this. After the terminal opens, about 15 destinations would depart from Shivajinagar station towards Lonavala.


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