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Art. 370 Repeal, Triple Talaq: PM Modi Outlines His 5-Year Achievements | Highlights

"These five years were about reform, perform and transform in the country", said PM Modi in Lok Sabha.

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PM Modi in RS
PM Modi in LS | Image:ANI

PM Modi in Lok Sabha: Speaking in Lok Sabha on the last day of Budget Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said, "These five years were about reform, perform and transform in the country." Addressing the last sitting of 17th Lok Sabha, PM also exuded confidence in NDA's victory in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election 2024, saying, he is confident that the people of the country would bless his government. Stay tuned to this place for all the updates. 

PM Modi in Lok Sabha: Here Are The Highlights

  • On discussions on Ayodhya's Ram Temple in Parliament, he said, "the resolution passed in Lok Sabha on the Ayodhya Ram temple will give the future generation a chance to be proud of the country's values." 
  • "(2024 Lok Sabha) elections are not far away, and some people might be worried about them. It (elections) is an important aspect of the democracy and we should accept it. I am confident that the (2024 Lok Sabha) elections will increase the country's pride", said PM.
  • "When we talk about 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance', I genuinely feel that the government should stay away from the lives of the people as it would only help in strengthening the democracy", said the PM.
  • "During this Lok Sabha's term, several decisions for which many generations waited for long were taken. Article 370 was also abrogated during this Lok Sabha's term... I feel that those who drafted the Constitution would bless us for this," says PM.
  • PM Modi cites decisions to criminalise instant triple talaq, passage of women reservation bill to praise outgoing Lok Sabha.
  • PM Modi says during this Lok Sabha's term, decisions for which many generations waited for long were taken, cites repeal of Article 370.
  • The new Parliament building encapsulates our heritage and the spirit of independence that we first experienced in 1947. 
  •  The sacred Sengol will serve as a reminder to our future generations of the ideals we uphold, inspiring them during challenging times.
  • Remembering the challenging times of COVID, I want to express my gratitude to the members of Parliament who decided to relinquish their privileges in times of need without a second thought. 
  • To motivate the citizens of India, honourable members decided to reduce 30% of their respective salaries and allowances.
  • Listing out the achievements of his government, PM Modi said we brought tough laws to stop the paper leaks. 
  • Many game-changing reforms which will lay foundation of strong India took place in last five years, said PM Modi. 
  • "These five years were about reform, perform and transform in the country. It is very rare that both reform and perform take place and we can see transformation right in front of our eyes...The country is experiencing this through the 17th Lok Sabha". 
  • "I firmly believe that the country will continue to bless the 17th Lok Sabha", said PM Modi exuding confidence.
  • Several important decisions were taken for the country during the five years of the 17th Lok Sabha
  • Lauding Om Birla's patience, PM Modi said,"You were ever-smiling. Your smile never faded. You guided this House in a balanced and impartial manner in several instances, for this, I appreciate you. There were moments of anger, allegations but you controlled the situation patiently and ran the House and guided us. I express my gratitude to you for this."
  • Speaker led Parliament through tough times. "Whether it was the 15th Lok Sabha or the 16th Lok Sabha, discussions about a new Parliament building were always held. However, under your guidance (Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla), the country got its new Parliament building", said PM showering praise on LS speaker Om Birla. 
  • 17th Lok Sabha has 97 per cent productivity, it was over 100 per cent in seven sessions: PM Modi on last day of this Lok Sabha before polls. 

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