Updated February 12th, 2024 at 11:53 IST

Mosquito Tornadoes in Pune: Residents Panic as Swarms Overwhelm Mutha River Area

Mosquito tornadoes swarm Pune's Mutha River, panicking residents; health risks and calls for action surge on social media.

Garvit Parashar
Residents Panic as Mosquito Tornadoes Overwhelm Mutha River Area
Residents Panic as Mosquito Tornadoes Overwhelm Mutha River Area | Image:X: @Rakesh4Nayak

The social media is currently filled with “mosquito tornado” videos coming from Pune. These tornadoes are swirling over the Mutha River in Pune. The videos display towers of mosquitoes doing rounds and creating the shape of tornadoes and are captured in Mundhwa, Keshavnagar, and Kharadi areas.

This situation has created panic in the place amongst the residents, and they have complained that they are facing various problems due to this issue. People living in high-rises claim that they can’t open their balconies and are confined to their homes. Moreover, they can’t let children out. 


One video is getting viral where a resident shares the situation on X (formerly Twitter). He wrote in captaion, Thanks @PMCPune for giving Valentine gift of Mosquitoes Tornado to Keshav Nagar Pune Residents in return to their timely municipality tax payments. #Justiceforkeshavnagar @ThePuneMirror @CMOMaharashtra @PMOIndia @PuneCivic @eshan_tupe @eshan_tupe @WagholiHSA @ShivSenaUBT_

Social media has become a platform for concerned residents to express their worries, urging authorities to take swift action to address the issue and clean up the affected area. Many have highlighted the potential health risks associated with the breeding of mosquitoes, including diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

The source of Mosquito Tornadoes in Pune is identified as the increased water level in the Mula-Mutha River in Kharadi. Despite efforts by the Pune Municipal Corporation to remove excess water starting two days ago, the situation remains uncontrolled. Particularly affected is the riverbed area, impacting a range of establishments, including skyscrapers, IT park premises, schools, sports stadiums, old age homes, crematoriums, and local villages.


Published February 12th, 2024 at 11:53 IST

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