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Noida Doctor Suffers Heart Attack While Performing Eye Surgery

Noida's Dr. Satyendra was in the middle of surgery when he suffered a heart attack.

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Noida doctor suffers heart attack
Noida doctor suffers heart attack | Image:Shutterstock

Noida: A senior doctor in Noida suffered a sudden heart attack while performing an eye surgery at the district hospital. The incident took place on Jan 9, when Dr. Satyendra was in the middle of surgery. However, with the prompt and coordinated efforts of his colleagues, his life was saved. 

What had happened?

While performing the surgery, the doctor felt sweaty and also complained of anxiety. He was immediately taken to the emergency ward of the hospital and underwent an ECG test. He was then referred to the city's Felix Hospital and found that an important nerve connecting his heart to another organ was fully blocked.  Later, an angioplasty was carried out to clear the blockage.  

“Dr Satyendra's life was saved by the fast intervention of his colleagues. We found a 100 per cent blockage in an important nerve connecting his heart to another organ, following which angioplasty was to save his life. He is currently out of danger and is recovering”, a leading portal quoted Dr DK Gupta, chairperson of the Felix Hospital as saying. 


When Noida Techie Died While Playing Heart Attack

A few days back, a video of the Noida techie collapsing on the pitch while playing cricket was doing rounds on social media. The engineer, Vikas Negi, was a COVID victim and used to play cricket often to keep himself fit. However, on Sunday, things took an ugly turn when Negi collapsed midway as he ran towards the other side of the pitch. 


In the viral video, the wicketkeeper and others can be seen running towards him to help. Immediately, he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead by the doctors. The doctors have declared a heart attack as the cause of Negi's death.


Published January 12th, 2024 at 19:22 IST

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