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Park vehicles only at these 10 locations, OTHERWISE..: Strict Gurugram traffic advisory for New Year

Gurugram Traffic Advisory: The modified Motor Vehicle Act imposes Rs. 10,000 fine and a three-month license suspension for driving while intoxicated.

Pritam Saha
Gurugram Traffic Advisory
Gurugram Traffic Advisory | Image:PTI

Gurugram Traffic Advisory: On the occasion of New Year's Eve, the Gurugram Police have released a traffic advisory to ensure smooth traffic flow around the city. From 8 p.m. on December 31 until the end of the New Year's celebrations, these restrictions will be in place for the regions close to MG Road, Sector-29, and Cyber Hub.

Don't Drink and Drive

Traffic officers would be stationed at several locations throughout Gurugram to enforce the law against intoxicated driving, according the advisory. The modified Motor Vehicle Act imposes a Rs 10,000 fine and a three-month license suspension for driving while intoxicated.

Parking Locations 

The Gurugram Traffic Police will tow away any vehicles discovered parked on the roads, where parking is expressly forbidden. It is advisable that commuters park their cars in spaces reserved for that purpose. Parking spaces should be parked at the following locations: 

  1. Leisure Valley Paved Parking, Sector-29 
  2. Leisure Valley Market, Sector-29 
  3. Leisure Valley Unpaved Parking (35 acre), opposite Westin Hotel 
  4. Cyber Hub Parking 
  5. Parking opposite KOD and behind KOD, Sector-29 
  6. Parking opposite Uber office, Sector-29 
  7. HUDA Gymkhana Parking, Sector-29 
  8. Machan Parking 
  9. HUDA Ground Parking 
  10. Taxi Parking, Sector-29 

Teams will be stationed at several checkpoints across Gurugram to enforce road safety regulations, including checks for intoxicated driving. To aid in traffic control and guarantee a smooth flow of vehicles, the Gurugram Traffic Police will be stationed at multiple sites. If commuters need assistance or have an emergency, they can call 112 or 1095 to reach the police.


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