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Noida Party horror: 20 teachers hospitalized as worms discovered in samosas; event takes disturbing

A police official stated that the samosas were not only stale but also had poisonous worms in them.

Aaquil Jameel
Poisonous worms found inside samosas
Poisonous worms found inside samosas | Image:Republic

Noida: In a shocking incident, at least 20 teachers of Dronacharya Degree College in Dankaur were hospitalised after consuming samosas from a local sweet shop on New Year's eve. According to reports, the incident occurred when the teachers of a degree college consumed samosas during New Year Party and shockingly, they had to pay a heavy price as they fell prey to food poisoning.

Probe revealed that the teachers were first admitted to the primary health center of Dankaur for treatment. However, after their condition became critical, all were referred to JIMS Hospital located in Kasna. Meanwhile, after learning about the shocking incident, the school principal has lodged a complaint against the owner of this stall.  


Detailed investigation revealed that at least 40 samosas were ordered from a shop located in Dankaur on December 31. At least 20 teachers allegedly became victims of food poisoning after eating samosas.  In order to get further clarity on the case, a probe is underway. Assistant Commissioner of the Food Department Archana Singh stated, "After receiving the complaint, a team was sent to the spot and the reason behind the shocking incident will soon come to light.  

Elaborating further on the case, a police official stated that the samosas were not only stale but also had poisonous worms in them. Meanwhile, a case has been registered at Dankaur Police Station in this regard and further probe is on.


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