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Ahead of PM Modi's Ayodhya visit, security upped, vigilance intensified | Top 10 points

In anticipation of the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, PM Modi is scheduled to visit the holy city today.

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Security upped in Ayodhya
Security upped in Ayodhya | Image:ANI

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Ayodhya visit today, December 30, security and vigilance have been beefed up across the holy city. Over 5,500 police officers have been deployed in the place to prevent any law and order collapse. 

The police force deployed all over the city are in addition to the National Security Guard (NSG), Special Protection Group (SPG) cover to the PM to prevent security failure, siad police officials. Also, extra teams of UP Government Railway Police (GRP) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) have been deployed at the Ayodhya Dham railway station for the PM’s event, officials said.


PM Modi is scheduled to inaugurate redeveloped Ayodhya Dham Railway Station and flag off new Amrit Bharat and Vande Bharat trains. He will also inaugurate the newly built Ayodhya Airport today. 

PM Modi's Ayodhya visit | Top 10 points 

  1. PM Modi will inaugurate the redeveloped Ayodhya Dham Railway Station at around 11:15 am today.
  2. Phase I of redeveloped Ayodhya Railway Station - known as Ayodhya Dham Junction Railway Station - is developed at a cost of more than Rs 240 crore.
  3. At Ayodhya Dham Station, PM Modi will also flag off superfast passenger trains in the country - two Amrit Bharat Express and six Vande Bharat.
  4. At around 12:15 PM, Prime Minister will inaugurate the newly built Ayodhya Airport. 
  5. Phase 1 of the state-of-the-art airport is developed at a cost of more than Rs 1450 crore.
  6. At around 1 PM, Prime Minister will participate in a public programme where he will inaugurate, delicate to nation and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth more than Rs 15,700 crore in the state.
  7. These include projects worth about Rs 11,100 crore for development of Ayodhya.
  8. To enhance accessibility to the upcoming Shri Ram Mandir, Prime Minister will inaugurate four newly redeveloped, widened and beautified roads in Ayodhya - Rampath, Bhaktipath, Dharampath, and Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Path.
  9. Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of new projects which will further help in the revamp of civic facilities in Ayodhya while also strengthening the rich cultural heritage of the city. 
  10. Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of a greenfield township in Ayodhya being developed at a cost of more than Rs 2180 crore and Vashishtha Kunj Residential Scheme to be developed at a cost of about Rs 300 crore.

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