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JDU hits back at RCP Singh; 'another Chirag Paswan model being prepared to ruin the party'

After the bitter resignation of Singh, the JD(U) President alleged that another 'Chirag model' was being prepared to orchestrate the downfall of the party.

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Janata Dal (United) National President Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan hit back at RCP Singh on Sunday alleging that a 'conspiracy' was being unleashed to destroy the party. After the bitter resignation of Singh, the JD(U) President alleged that another 'Chirag (Paswan) model' was being prepared to orchestrate the downfall of the party, and affirmed that all such attempts would be destroyed by the Chief Minister.

"After so many struggles, the JD(U) emerged, does he know of the struggles we went through? No, he has only stayed close to power, not struggle. When Nitish Kumar ji became the CM, he was his secretary. When he wanted to fight elections in 2009, the CM said no we won't give ticket. In 2010, he wanted the Rajya Sabha berth, Kumar ji gave him the ticket. Nitish Kumar resigned to make him the party president of JD(U). He keeps harping over becoming the JD(U) chief, he became the chief after Nitish Kumar gave him the post and tendered his own resignation. JD(U)'s boss is only one, i.e- Nitish Kumar," said Lalan Singh.

"Today, I have been given the post. But I know, I am just a caretaker, I am not the owner. He is calling us a sinking ship. JD(U) is not a sinking but a sailing ship, that will be evident in the coming days. Some people want to poke holes into the ship and drown it, but Nitish Kumar ji has recognized such people and now he has fixed the ship. Who runs first when water begins to fill a ship? Those who live through power and not struggle run first. We are now very alert, we will not let conspiracies destroy us. Another 'Chirag model' is being prepared to orchestrate the downfall of the party, it won't work," he added, referring to LJP's Chirag Paswan.

Notably, in the 2020 Bihar elections, Paswan, who then headed the Lok Janshakti Party pitted candidates against all JD(U) nominees. While it managed to bag just only one seat with a vote share of 5.66%, a closer look at its performance suggested that it foiled JD(U)'s chances of emerging as the single-largest party.

RCP Singh to file defamation notice against JDU

Meanwhile, Republic has received an exclusive scoop that the former Union Minister will file a defamation case in court against party leaders who try to 'malign' his image. Singh decided to resign from the Janata Dal (United) after the party sent a notice to him over alleged 'discrepancies' in his properties. 

A former Uttar Pradesh cadre IAS officer, Ramchandra Prasad Singh grew close to then-Union Minister Nitish Kumar during his central deputation in the late 1990s. He served as the principal secretary to Kumar during his first five years as Chief Minister, and later two back-to-back terms in Rajya Sabha. 

Last year, when Nitish Kumar stepped down as the party's national president, Singh replaced his patron and clinched a cabinet berth at the Centre becoming the lone JDU MP to be inducted into the Union Cabinet in July 2021.

However, sources claimed that he accepted the ministerial post without the consent of Kumar, and the latter's unhappiness became evident soon as Singh was asked to give up the party chief's post. The writing was on the wall for all to see with the JD(U) denying him his third consecutive Rajya Sabha term and reposing faith in former MLA Khiru Mahto instead.

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