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Ayodhya Thrives Post Ram Mandir’s Construction: Income Tripled, City Cleaner

Ayodhya's economic surge has attracted major corporations like IHCL, ITC, OYO, and real estate developers, but here's what locals shared.

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 Surge in economic activity envelops Ayodhya.
Surge in economic activity envelops Ayodhya. | Image:PTI / PIB

Ayodhya: The city known for its religious significance as the birthplace of Lord Ram, has undergone a transformation in recent years that resonates with small business owners, spiritual leaders, and local residents. Sharing the first perspective view, they speak about how the city has moved towards progress and development, becoming a cultural and prosperous hub.

Shopkeepers Share Their Tale of Income Tripling

Rajesh Kumar Gupta, a local shop owner, shared how his life changed after the construction of the Ram Mandir. Before the temple was built, there was little demand for his goods, and his income was low. However, with Ayodhya becoming a pilgrimage and tourist destination, the demand for his products increased, leading to a significant rise in his income. Gupta, who used to make ₹300-400 a day, now earns ₹1000-1500 daily.

Rajesh Kumar Gupta, local shopkeeper. | Image: PIB

Cleaner Ayodhya 

Ayodhya's progress is not limited to the temple project. Shyam Lal Das, a resident, highlighted the city's cleanliness, attributing it to the efforts of the Ayodhya Nagar Nigam employees. "Compared to earlier times, now you can see the sparkling clean streets and neatly lined bins yourself, thanks to the vigilant Ayodhya Nagar Nigam employees," Das said. The streets are now clean, with well-maintained bins, and there is even a Sulabh toilet complex, underlining Ayodhya's commitment to improved sanitation.

Shyam Lal Das speaks about how Ayodhya became cleaner.. | PIB

Ayodhya Heaven Now 

R.K. Nath Yogi, a saint from Paltu Das Akhara, spoke about the transformation of the ghats along the sacred river Saryu. In the past, the ghats were not well-built, and reaching the river was a struggle. However, significant improvements have been made, with better infrastructure around the river. RK Nath Yogi expressed his emotions, describing it as “this place is heaven now.”

As the city eagerly anticipates the historic inauguration, these testimonials capture the pulse of a community embracing a transformative era. The Ram Mandir, a symbol not only of religious significance but also emblematic of Ayodhya's unified journey, stands at the forefront of change. In the lead-up to the Ram Temple's inauguration, Ayodhya in eastern Uttar Pradesh has metamorphosed into a burgeoning investment destination, substantiated by the people themselves.

R.K. Nath Yogi, Paltu Das Akhara saint. | Image: PIB

Ayodhya's Transformation: Historic Ram Mandir Inauguration Sparks Investment Surge

A palpable surge in economic activity envelops the town as businesses, both private and government entities, converge to seize the opportunities unfolding. Corporate houses such as the Indian Hotels Company, ITC, OYO, and prominent real estate developers are strategically capitalising on Ayodhya's immense potential. IHCL, as per prior reports, will establish a 100-room Vivanta hotel and a 120-room Ginger hotel, while ITC explores innovative branding and management solutions in India’s spiritual epicentre. OYO, in its ambitious plans, aims to add 50 properties, and luxury hotel chains are set to make their mark in this burgeoning market.

Aerial view of Ayodhya. | Image: X

Furthermore, the Ayodhya Master Plan 2031 outlines transformative projects amounting to ₹85,000 crore for comprehensive infrastructure development. Airlines of repute, including IndiGo and Air India Express, have launched flights, complemented by the Indian Railways planning new train routes. This heightened interest has triggered a remarkable threefold surge in land prices, positioning Ayodhya as a focal point for astute investment decisions. The city's evolution into a thriving economic hub is not just witnessed but embraced, marking a chapter of unprecedented growth and prosperity.



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