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Full List of 16 Sena MLAs Who Are Not Disqualified

Speaker Rahul Narwekar on Wednesday ruled against disqualifying rebel Sena MLAs. Find full list of MLAs who are not disqualified.

Maha CM Eknath Shinde
Maha CM Eknath Shinde | Image:Image: ANI

Sena vs Sena: Nearly 2 years after the Shiv Sena suffered a vertical split, a political development that resulted in a change of guard in the state, speaker Rahul Narwekar on Wednesday ruled against disqualifying rebel Sena MLAs.  While pronouncing the much-awaited verdict, Narwekar said that the constitution of Shiv Sena provided by ECI is the relevant constitution of Shiv Sena for the determination of which faction is the real political party. 

“Given the evidence and records before me, prima facie indicates that no elections were held in the year 2013, as well as in the year 2018. However, I as the speaker exercising jurisdiction under the 10th schedule have limited jurisdiction and cannot go beyond the record of the ECI as available on the website and hence I have not considered this aspect while determining the relevant leadership structure. Thus, given the above conclusions, I find that the leadership structure of Shiv reflected in the letter dated 27th February 2018 available on the website of the ECI is the relevant leadership structure which has to be taken into account to determine which faction is the real political party”, Narwekar asserted. 


Full list of MLAs who are not disqualified

  1. Eknath Shinde
  2. Sandipanrao Bhumre
  3. Dr. Tanaji Sawant
  4. Abdul Sattar
  5. Bharat Gogawale
  6. Sanjay Shirsat
  7. Yamini Jadhav
  8. Anilbhau Babar
  9. Dr. Kinikar Balaji Pralhad
  10. Prakash Surve
  11. Mahesh Shinde
  12. Lata Sonavane
  13. Chimanrao Rupchand Patil
  14. Ramesh Bornare
  15. Dr. Sanjay Raymulakar
  16. Balaji Kalyankar

Sena vs Sena: What Was The Case

In June 2022, Shinde and several MLAs rebelled against the then-chief minister Thackeray, leading to a split in the Shiv Sena and the fall of the Maha Vikas Aghadi, which also comprised the NCP and the Congress. Cross-petitions were filed by the Shinde and Thackeray factions before the speaker seeking action against each other under anti-defection laws.


The apex court in May last year directed Narwekar to adjudicate on the pleas expeditiously. The Election Commission had given the 'Shiv Sena' name and 'bow and arrow' symbol to the Shinde-led faction, while the one headed by Thackeray was called the Shiv Sena (UBT) with a flaming torch as its symbol.

In July last year, the Ajit Pawar faction of the NCP also joined the Shinde-led government. Assembly polls in Maharashtra are due in the second half of 2024.


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