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Tamil Nadu's Ooty, Kerala's Munnar Turn Into Wonderland as Cold Spells Bring Frost

Tourists are flocking to Tamil Nadu's Ooty and Munnar in Kerala where temperatures have dropped to 0°C, bringing frost to the land.

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Vegetation in Ooty covered in frost. | Image:ANI

Tourists are delighted as Tamil Nadu's Ooty hill station as temperature there has dipped to 0°C. Located in the state's Nilgiris district, Udhagamandalam or Ooty recorded sub-zero temperatures which brought frost conditions to the land, much to the delight of the visitors.

Stunning visuals have surfaced from the hill station which experiences such cold spells every year from November to February. This year, however, it started late in January due to storm and rain.


Wow !! Snowfall in Ooty of Tamilnadu 😳

Sadly it affecting the lives of local people!

— Pooja Sangwan 🇮🇳 (@ThePerilousGirl) January 28, 2024

Icy plains were seen in Ooty City and surrounding areas like Kanthal, Pinker Post and Thalai Kunta with frost over the vegetation. Local weather officials said that there has been significant variation in the maximum and minimum temperatures in recent weeks. While the minimum was below 0°C in some parts of Ooty, the maximum temperature was about 25°C.


Apart from Tamil Nadu's Ooty, Munnar in Kerala is also witnessing similar conditions. By mid-January, temperatures dropped below 0°C in some parts of Munnar and the condition persisted as recently as Monday at several tea plantations in the popular tourist site.

At -2 several parts of #Munnar and adjoining tea plantations are below freezing temperatures for the second day.
Sub-zero temperatures are not new in Munnar and in the past it has fallen upto -5/-6.
(video from Devikulam MLA/FB pages of plantations)#snow #snowfall #KeralaNews

— Bobins Abraham Vayalil (@BobinsAbraham) January 12, 2023

Located around 1,600 meters above sea level, Munnar in Kerala's Idukki district experiences sub-zero temperature temperatures every year between December and January. According to local weather reports, temperatures could drop below 0°C if the cold spell continues.  





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