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Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna praises video of cops playing game outside schedule | Watch

In the cops viral video posted by Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna, one of the cops was singing popular Kailash Kher song Sayiyaan, while others tried not to laugh

Reported by: Rucha Pramanick
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Image: Twitter/ Temjen Imna Along | Image:self

Nagaland's Minister of Higher Education & Tribal Affairs Temjen Imna Along knows very well how to keep his followers hooked on his Twitter account.

State BJP president Temjen Imna shared a viral video where the cops are seen playing a game "outside of their demanding job schedules".

The video opens with 12 cops sitting on a staircase carrying paper sticks as one of them sings singer Kailash Kher's popular song, Sayiyaan. The other cops try not to laugh, and as they laugh, other cops hit them playfully on their heads with paper sticks.

The minister tweeted, "No matter how busy life gets, one should constantly try to be cheerful and energetic. Came across this video while scrolling through Facebook. It is encouraging to see our front-line workers having fun outside of their demanding job schedules."

'Everyone deserves some fun & happiness': Twitterati reacts

The video posted on October 28 has garnered over 42.1K views, 3,489 Likes and 383 Retweets. Several netizens commented with laughing emojis on the viral video.

Netizens call it "funniest ever!", another user commented: "Everyone deserves some fun & happiness even this guys more after doing such a stressful duty, worth watching njoyed." While other Twitterati stated: "Brilliant team building exercise!!". "Award goes to middle raw last candidate", another user chimed in.

A Twitterati felt perhaps too much in sync with the officers in the video as he commented, "Too good,I also tried to keep my laughter at a check". A netizen went into nostalgia as they commented, "Wished i could have seen this game during my school days....would have been hell lot of fun."


Published October 30th, 2022 at 17:21 IST

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