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VIDEO: Noida Techie Collapses on Pitch While Playing Cricket, Dies; Family in Shock

Noida engineer, Vikas Negi, was a COVID victim and used to play cricket often to keep himself fit. He died of a heart attack.

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Noida: A video of the Noida techie collapsing on the pitch while playing cricket is doing rounds on social media. The engineer, Vikas Negi, was a COVID victim and used to play cricket often to keep himself fit. However, on Sunday, things took an ugly turn when Negi collapsed midway as he ran towards the other side of the pitch. In the viral video, the wicketkeeper and others can be seen running towards him to help. Immediately, he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead by the doctors. The doctors have declared a heart attack as the cause of Negi's death.

‘Family In Shock’

Speaking to Republic, SHO Expressway said, "The family was immediately contacted and the parents of Vikas Negi rushed to the hospital. The mother was in extreme shock because she spoke to Vikas at 10 am just before the match and she told police that they don't want any case to be registered. His father told police, that Vikas was healthy and didn't suffer from any disease, he only suffered from COVID-19 in 2021 during the second wave and was fit and recovered fine . The body was sent for postmortem but according to doctors he collapsed and died due to a heart attack . Police can't register the case if the family doesn't want to. The hospital will hand over the body to the parents after a few formalities." 

‘India Witnessing Rise in Heart Attack Deaths’

India is witnessing a steep rise in heart attack deaths over the past three years. Speaking to Republic TV, Dr Manoj Kumar, Cardiologist, at Max Hospital said, "Since COVID the situation has worsened, mostly those who suffered from COVID and facing several issues for the past 2 years . Cases of heart attack have increased in youngsters . During covid high steroids were consumed and that could be one of the reasons for after effects on the body and increased heart attack. The earlier heart attack was mostly seen in the age group of 50-70 but now in our hospital also cases of heart attacks from 21 yrs to 40 yrs have seen in the past 2 years . We regularly advise patients to improve their lifestyles but most youngsters after COVID-19 have indulged in heavy-weight exercises , taking supplements , heavy cardio exercises and using dietary supplements , these all have to stop . Our bodies have yet not recovered from the aftereffects of COVID-19, our cells have gone weak and that is one of the main reasons for rising heart attacks. Precaution is very important and no individual should exert themselves or take stress , yoga , or meditation could be done and we only advise that." 

‘IIT Professor Collapses on Stage’

A few days back, a 53-year-old senior professor of IIT Kanpur died due to cardiac arrest while delivering a lecture during an alumni meeting. Sameer Khandekar, who was the dean of student affairs and the head of the mechanical engineering department, collapsed on the dais while addressing the gathering.

He was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival. A professor said that Khandekar was diagnosed with high cholesterol levels about five years ago. Khandekar was delivering a lecture when he felt severe chest pain and started sweating profusely. Before anyone could make sense of what was happening, he collapsed on the stage. 


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