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Viral Video of Kid Throwing Puppy In Noida Extension High-rise Sparks Debate

Residents were worried because a lot of street dogs were getting into the neighborhood and posing a risk to kids playing in the park.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Child Throws Puppy
Child Throws Puppy | Image:Republic

Noida: Video from Greater Noida West's 14th Avenue Society in Gaur City-2 has sparked a debate online among dog lovers and some residents who were worried about their kids' safety. After several cases of dog bites, some people believe that stray dogs should not be allowed inside residential societies. However, some others believe that not all street dogs are violent and that they too need care and attention.

14th Avenue Shocking Incident  

The heart of the debate is the shocking incident that occurred recently in Greater Noida West where a 7-year-old child threw a puppy on the ground from a height. The terrifying incident in the 14th Avenue neighborhood of Gaur City 2 was captured on camera. The CCTV video showed the child throwing the puppy from the podium. Whether the dog survived the fall was still unknown. The video shows a boy throwing the dog to the ground after reaching the grill-guarded edge. The video shows a few men watching the act but no one intervened.

Street Dogs Posing Risk To Kids

Members of society have also condemned this incident some saying, "these kinds of events are unacceptable in a civilized society". However, residents were also worried because a lot of street dogs were getting into the neighborhood and posing a risk to kids playing in the park. Parents are reluctant to let their children play or go free because they are concerned about their safety.

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Protest, Main Road Blockade 

Authorities were informed of the problem, but nothing was done about it. The protesting residents of Gaur City 2, Noida on Sunday morning blocked the main route leading to the Taj Highway.


Later police were called in to keep the situation calm. An elderly woman was hurt in this chaos and rushed to the hospital. Some residents also reported that four children were bitten by street dogs in the past week. Residents have also demanded a specific space to be set aside for the stray dogs outside of society. They are not against feeding them.

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