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WATCH Naughty Monkey Trying To Steal And Refusing To Get Off A Scooter Near UP's Mainpuri Goes Viral

Viral: Monkey on scooty is being asked to get off by its owner. But that monkey isn't prepared to pay attention. You'll be surprised by the video's ending.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Monkey Viral Video
Monkey Viral Video | Image:Instagram

UP News Updates: It is well known that monkeys are exceptionally intelligent animals. However, it is equally naughty and mischievous. When the forest boundary is crossed, the tiger may decide to stop chasing. You will find it challenging to get away from the monkey if he starts chasing you, though. It is really easy for a monkey to break into your home and take items. A video of one of these incidents has just gone viral.

Monkey In A Different Mood 

This video starts off with a monkey sitting atop a scooter as it crosses the street. The monkey on this scooty is being asked to get off by its driver. But that monkey isn't prepared to pay attention. Look at what this monkey did in the end. You'll be genuinely surprised by the video's ending.

Mainpuri Viral Video

The incident, which has gone viral, took place in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. You can see a monkey in this amazing video. This monkey is shown in the video sitting on a white scooter. He is repeatedly asked to get down by Scooty's owner. But the monkey probably decided not to listen. This time the monkey also tried to steal the glasses by putting his hand in the driver's pocket. But luckily, the driver immediately caught the monkey's hand. Finally, the owner of this scooty grabbed the monkey's leg, but the animal still refused to listen. However, it is not possible to say how this monkey escaped. This is because the end of the video shows a fight between the owner of the scooty and the monkey.

On February 29, 2024, a week ago, this incredibly popular video was initially uploaded to Instagram. From that point on, it has steadily become viral. On the social media platform Instagram, this fantastic video has amassed millions of views. This viral video has been liked by over 40,000 Instagram users.


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