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Why A Delhi Nurse Couple Resigned, Returned To Hometown Kerala And Now Seeking Mercy Killing? Check

Kerala: The family has no way to survive, therefore Manu, his wife Smitha, and their kids want to petition the supreme court for mercy killing.

Pritam Saha
Kerala Couple Seeks Mercy Killing
Kerala Couple Seeks Mercy Killing | Image:X

Kottayam: A family of five people from this Kozhuvanal panchayat is considering asking the Supreme Court to approve their request for euthanasia. The family has no way to survive, therefore Manu, his wife Smitha, and their kids want to petition the supreme court for mercy killing.

A Rare Disease

Following the diagnosis of their two younger children, Sandrin and Santino, with a rare condition, the couple, a nurse couple working in Delhi, resigned and went back to Kerala. Manu and Smitha were using their properties as collateral when they took out loans from other people to pay for the children's medical care and daily costs. The family also received assistance from a few philanthropists.

Search For Jobs

In an attempt to make ends meet, the couple knocked on several doors. The civic authority chose to extend an employment offer to Smitha subsequent to presenting a case to the Kozhuvanal panchayat. In spite of this, the panchayat secretary was hesitant to provide the government the report that the civic body committee had produced suggesting that Smitha be hired.  

Role Of Human Rights Commission 

Once the family contacted the Human Rights Commission, the secretary forwarded the report. But there has been ongoing doubt over Smith's chances of landing the position. In light of this, the family made the decision to file a petition before the Supreme Court and the High Court to allow euthanasia. 

What Is Euthanasia

The act of mercifully ending the life of a person who suffers from a physical illness that prevents them from living their life, or allowing them to pass away by not providing artificial life support or treatment, is known as euthanasia. 

It is typically viewed as either murder (if carried out by someone other than the patient) or suicide (if carried out by the patient themself) because most legal systems do not specifically address it. Nonetheless, in situations of severe suffering, doctors are legally permitted to refuse life extension and to give painkillers even if doing so results in the patient's death.


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