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Zameer Ahmed 'luxury travel' row: Siddaramaiah's big reaction

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday lost cool when asked about the video showing his ‘luxury travel’ to Delhi with a Congress MLA.

Reported by: Ronit Singh
Zameer Ahmed luxury travel: Siddaramaiah reacts
Siddaramaiah reacts to Zameer Ahmed 'luxury travel' row | Image:X

Bengaluru, Karnataka: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday became agitated when asked about the video showing his 'luxurious travel' to Delhi with a Congress MLA to secure relief funds from the central government for the state's drought-like situation.

“In what flight does PM Narendra Modi travels? You must tell me how does he travel? First ask that question to BJP leaders, that which flight does PM travel in, why does he travel alone in that?,” said the agitated Karnataka Chief Minister to reporters in Bengaluru.  


Congress was dragged into a raging political controversy after the Karnataka Congress MLA flaunted his luxurious private jet while flying to Delhi with CM Siddaramaiah to seek drought relief from Centre. 

Karnataka Congress MLA and cabinet minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan shared a video of himself on X along with Siddaramaiah on board the luxury jet. In the clip, the minister was spotted smiling and posing in different spots of the plane.


Siddaramaiah's ‘luxury travel’ video draws flak from BJP

Taking note of the video, the BJP unleashed a sharp attack on Karnataka Congress for flaunting luxury when state is suffering under drought and financial crisis.


Referring to Siddaramaiah as ‘Majawadi,' BJP wrote on X, "Severe drought has come in the state and people are suffering due to financial hardship. Congress came to power but six months later, not even a single pothole sealing work has been done.”

“This avatar is proof that Majawadi Chief Minister is emasculating the poor people of the country while having fun inside a private jet on people’s tax money,” the BJP added.

Stepping up the offensive against Siddaramiah, BJP leader Shehzad Poonawalla said, “Karnataka CM seeks relief for drought from centre. DKS says no money for development! Treasury is empty in just few months. On the other hand this is the VVVIP splurge Karnataka Minister/CM indulges in and flaunts on tax payer money. Karnataka is just an ATM for Congress.” 


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