Updated January 1st, 2024 at 20:30 IST

Desis slams Africans over the videos mocking Indian street food, gets treatment from Indian users

Africans mock Indian street food hygiene in viral TikTok videos, triggering humorous Desi responses on social media; some call for food quality improvement.

Garvit Parashar
Desis slams Africans over the videos mocking Indian street food
Desis slams Africans over the videos mocking Indian street food | Image:X: @9mm_smg

The hygiene of Indian street food has gone down and people outside the country have started mocking it. With vendors using tricks and putting different things in food has gone viral so much that Africans began mocking Indian street food through funny TikTok videos. However, the Indian X users are no less trollers than anyone and they fired back at these viral videos by quoting and replying.     Indians highlighted and said that this is an irony that these people are wasting food when there is so much shortage.

In a viral thread on 'X,' formerly Twitter, a TikToker was caught concocting a mishmash of ingredients in a messy setup, using bare hands to serve a dish that seemed unappetizing to many. The user who posted the thread remarked, "This is an entire genre of parody video now; it’s not a one-off comedy skit some guy made once. Many people are making them!"


Adding to the ongoing saga, another video surfaced featuring a man with his feet in the food he was serving, contributing to the trend of Africans poking fun at Indian street food.


True to their nature, Desis responded with their own brand of humour. One individual wrote, "When you make a reel using all the food your entire village had and then starve for a week. Clowns." Another pondered, "Okay, but from where did they get the food to shoot this video?" A third chimed in, "No issues in making fun of each other; it heals. The only issue is those poor kids will have to eat all this after the reels; it’s their whole month’s ration."

Amidst the banter, there were voices advocating for a focus on improving the quality of Indian street food rather than engaging in a war of words. One user emphasised, "It’s time to realise that something is terribly wrong with your street food when the guys who don’t even have anything to eat start mocking it."


Published January 1st, 2024 at 20:30 IST

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