Updated December 22nd, 2023 at 18:01 IST

Heartwarming act: Digital creator's generosity touches lives as he provides a meal for a family

Digital creator @brokecollegekid's heartwarming act of buying meals for a struggling family sparks love and admiration on social media, echoing the power of kin

Garvit Parashar
Digital Creator's Generosity Touches Lives as He Provides a Meal for a Needy Family
Digital Creator's Generosity Touches Lives as He Provides a Meal for a Needy Family | Image:Instagram: abrokecollegekid

Acts of kindness illuminate the darkest corners of our world, and if kindness had a name, it would echo through the deeds of individuals like Mohamed Ashik. Widely known as @brokecollegekid on Instagram, Ashik, a digital creator with a following of 589k, is on a mission to infuse the virtual realm with the warmth of genuine compassion. His endeavors extend beyond borders, resonating not just within India but reaching hearts across various countries.

In a recent and profoundly touching video, Ashik showcases a simple yet powerful act of generosity. He purchases a set of meals from a nearby restaurant for a family in dire need – three children and their parents. The family's reaction is nothing short of profound gratitude, their emotions laid bare as they witness an unexpected ray of hope.


Commenters on Instagram express their sentiments, with one stating, "That kid crying coz she never expected to have met such a great soul to buy a meal just hits hard.” Another admirer shares, “Couldn’t resist myself from commenting here. You are such a huge inspiration to me bro. May God bless you for all the great work you do . Maybe one day I wish I could help someone too”

Continuing his benevolence, Ashik even covers the fare for the autorickshaw that safely transports the family home. The video concludes with a poignant reflection: 'In the act of giving a meal to someone hungry, you're serving more than food; you're offering hope. Be kind.”


Published December 22nd, 2023 at 18:01 IST

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