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New age Spider Man? Spider emerges from man's ear, sparks online Frenzy

A weird and scary video of a spider coming out of man’s ear has taken the internet by storm, posted by X handle Oddly Terrifying.

Garvit Parashar
Spider emerges from man's ear, sparks online Frenzy
Spider emerges from man's ear, sparks online Frenzy | Image:X: Oddly Terrorfyin

There is always a fear of insects crawling on your body, but what if something went inside your body? Well, the internet is the place where anything can happen. A video has gone viral, which is creepy. Even listening to a crawling insect that has entered the ear-canal sends shivers; imagine if this happened for real. One unlucky man went through this, and this video has taken the internet by storm.

The video has been shared by an X handle named oddly terrifying, in which a man is lying down. The other guy came and, with a needle-less injection syringe, poured a liquid into this man’s ear. The scene starts after this: after pouring the liquid, a spider runs out of this man’s ear, leaving the viewers horrified, worried, and curious.

After posting, this video went viral and sparked a storm online as social media users displayed their reactions to this weird viral video.
One user said, “How could the spider manage to get there?” while the other one replied, “I'm not sleeping tonight. Or ever again.” The third person replied, "Many years ago, I had an insect fly into my ear. I put my ear under the light to get it out."


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