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Success Story: Meet Deepesh Kumari, The Daughter Of A Chaat-Pakoda Seller Who Scored AIR 93 In UPSC

Deepesh Kumari is a native of Rajasthan's Bharatpur. Govind, her father, uses a handcart to sell snacks.

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UPSC success story of IAS Deepesh Kumari
UPSC success story of IAS Deepesh Kumari | Image:X, Formerly Twitter

UPSC Success Story: While there are many UPSC success stories, some stand out to us due to the difficult challenges faced by the main characters. One such tale is what we have for you today. A narrative of a family's battle to educate their kids. With her second effort at the UPSC CSE-2021, Deepesh Kumari, the family's daughter, achieved her dream of placing 93rd. In the EWS division, she came in fourth. Her family's tremendous suffering lay behind this triumph, though.

Deepesh Kumari: An IIT Mumbai Alumni

Deepesh Kumari is a native of Rajasthan's Bharatpur. Govind, her father, uses a handcart to sell snacks. Usha, her mother, stays at home. Deepesh attended Bharatpur until her 12th grade, when she finished her BE in Civil at the state-run MBM Engineering College in Jodhpur. She graduated from IIT Mumbai with an M.Tech after studying engineering. She studied under a fellowship. 

Rewards For A Lifetime Of Labor

For the past 26 years, her father Govind, who resides in a modest home with his wife, three boys, and two daughters, has been peddling chaats and pakodas from a cart. His satisfaction was boundless as the UPSC result gave rewards for a lifetime of labor. It's all good when it ends well. We'll now walk you through the hardships the family went to witness this significant occasion in their lives.

UPSC: Key To Success

The key to a successful journey, according to Deepesh Kumari, who scored an impressive AIR 93 in the CSE scores, was family support. She was always given encouragement by her mother, who told her that her efforts would still bring them happiness even if she was unable to accomplish anything. Even if her mission is unsuccessful, she promised her daughter that they will always be by her side. It makes sense why Deepesh claims that her mother's bravery gave her the greatest boost during her UPSC adventure!

Excelled Academically From Early Age

Out of his five siblings, Deepesh is the oldest. Her younger sister is a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, having obtained her MBBS. At AIIMS Guwahati and Latur, two of her brothers are presently pursuing MBBS degrees. Sumit is a first-year MBBS student in Maharashtra, while Amit is a second-year MBBS student in Guwahati. According to their father, Deepesh excelled academically from an early age. She received a 98% on her tenth grade exam and an 89% on her twelve. She spent a year working for a software company after completing her M.Tech. She then quit her job to focus on getting ready for the UPSC exam. 

On her first try, Deepesh was unable to pass the UPSC exam. She did, however, make it to the interview stage. After two attempts, she managed to pass India's most famous and difficult exam, ranking 93rd overall. Mathematics was one of her optional subjects. This time around, she scored a very high 195 in the interview. In 2019, she began her preparations. After enrolling in a coaching center in Delhi, she returned home to get ready due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She serves as an inspiration to everyone who has ever believed that having money will prevent them from reaching their goals, an idea that sounds implausible to those without much money.


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