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The Show Must Go On: Bihar Girl's Tale Of Overcoming A Horrible Mishap And Getting AIR-2 In UPSC

Garima Lohia shared her UPSC success philosophy saying that the only ways to succeed are through self-study and maintaining motivation in the face of adversity.

UPSC Success Story: Inspiring tale of IAS Garima Lohia
UPSC Success Story: Inspiring tale of IAS Garima Lohia | Image:Instagram

UPSC Success Story: In the Union Public Service Commission's prestigious civil services examination 2022, Garima Lohia, a 24-year-old girl from Bihar's Buxar district, came in second place. She is among the exam's highest scorers, and even before the results were revealed, she was fairly certain she would pass the coveted exam. Still, placing second felt like a real compliment to her family's blessings and years of labor.

Garima Lohia: Raised In A Business Family 

Garima, who was born and raised in a business family, has a deep love for podcasts that promote personal growth. She graduated in commerce from Kirorimal College, a renowned institution in Delhi. Additionally, she placed second in the UPSC CSE 2022. On her second attempt, she passed the coveted civil services exam. It's interesting to note that Garima chose to study for the coveted tests while continuing to live in her hometown of Buxar, despite the fact that hundreds of other ambitious civil servants relocate to the nation's capital in search of a better learning atmosphere. 

IAS Garima Lohia: Tragic Event In 2015

Manoj Kumar Lohia, Garima's father, passed away in 2015. For Garima and her family as a whole, the death of her father—a major support system—was devastating. Nonetheless, she was able to return her attention to her studies thanks to the ongoing support of her family and siblings. In an interview, Garima stated, "My mother and family members supported me a lot throughout the journey." She shed tears of joy as she recalled her late father and disclosed that she kept his picture everywhere she looked for inspiration. 

UPSC: Second Attempt Success 

In 2020, Garima started to prepare herself thoroughly for the UPSC exam amid the Covid-19 lockdown. She continued to study even more for the UPSC preliminary test the following year after failing it on her first try. Garima stated that although she never thought she would place second, she was confident in her ability to succeed. 

Garima shared her success philosophy with the aspiring UPSC candidates, saying that the only ways to succeed are through self-study and maintaining motivation in the face of adversity. She advised future UPSC hopefuls to continue their devotion, but that in order to pass the coveted exam, they should commit 8 to 9 hours of study time. Garima thinks that as preparations differ from person to person, there is no one-size-fits-all method. She used to study for fifteen hours every day, using a variety of books and internet resources to help her get ready.


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