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Top 10 'Longest Bridges' in India 2024, know which one tops the chart - Check now

India's extensive network of bridges showcases not only the country's engineering progress but also commitment to connectivity and infrastructure development

Rishi Shukla
Top 10 longest bridges in India 2024
Top 10 longest bridges in India 2024 | Image:ANI

India boasts an impressive array of engineering marvels in the form of bridges that connect distant regions, fostering connectivity and development. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 longest bridges in India 2024, each with its unique significance and contribution to the country's infrastructure. 

1. Atal Setu: India's Pinnacle Bridge

  • Length: 21.8 km 
  • Connects land and sea 
  • Longest bridge in India and the longest sea bridge in the country 
  • The bridge will facilitate faster connectivity to Mumbai International Airport and Navi Mumbai International Airport, reducing the travel time. 

2. Dhola Sadiya Bridge: A Gateway in Assam 

  • Length: 9.15 km 
  • Location: Brahmaputra River, Assam 
  • Inaugurated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in 2020 
  • India’s first and longest bridge, also known as Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Bridge 

3. Dibang River Bridge: Navigating Arunachal Pradesh 

  • Length: 6.2 km 
  • Location: Arunachal Pradesh 
  • Other names: Sikang Bridge 
  • Rapid deployment of Indian Army personnel near the China border 

4. Mahatma Gandhi Setu: Spanning the Ganges 

  • Length: 5.75 Km  
  • Location: Ganges River, Patna to Hajipur 
  • Inaugurated by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1982 
  • Once the longest bridge globally before the construction of the Dibang Bridge 

5. Bandra Worli Sea Link: Mumbai's Architectural Gem 

  • Length: 5.57 Km 
  • Connects Worli and Bandra in Mumbai 
  • Other names: Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link 
  • Popular for its stunning architecture and scenic views 

6. Bogibeel Bridge: Assam's Road-Rail Marvel 

  • Length: 4.94 km 
  • Location: Dhemaji to Dibrugarh, Brahmaputra River 
  • India's first train bridge, earthquake-resistant with steel support beams 

7. Vikramshila Setu: Bihar's Footbridge Legacy 

  • Length: 4.7 km 
  • Location: Ganges River, near Bhagalpur 
  • Named after Vikramashila Mahavihara, established by King Dharmapala. 
  • Links Barari Ghat & Naugachia 

8. Ganga Railroad Bridge: Connecting Digha to Pahleja Ghat 

  • Length: 4.55 Km 
  • Type: Rail-cum-road bridge 
  • Spans Ganga River, linking Digha Ghat with Pahleja Ghat in Sonpur 

9. Godavari Bridge: Rajahmundry's Emblem 

  • Type: Railroad bridge 
  • Length: Third-longest in India, 4.27 Km 
  • Location: Godavari River, near Rajahmundry 
  • Four lanes and a road deck over a single rail track 

10. Arrah Chhapra Bridge: Linking Bihar's Towns 

  • Length: 4.35 km 
  • Other names: Veer Kunwar Singh Setu or Arrah-Chhapra Bridge 
  • Joins Bihar towns of Arrah and Chhapra over the Ganga River 

India's extensive network of bridges showcases not only the country's engineering progress but also its commitment to connectivity and infrastructure development. These bridges play a crucial role in facilitating travel, trade, and cultural exchange, contributing to the nation's growth. 




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