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What is RAC Status: Navigating Reservation Against Cancellation in Indian Railways

RAC in Indian Railways allows travel without a guaranteed berth. Sharing berths, possibilities, and potential confirmations make it distinctive.

Garvit Parashar
Understanding RAC Status in Indian Railways
Understanding RAC Status in Indian Railways | Image:ANI

Indian Railways is renowned for offering affordable and convenient transportation options. When making an IRCTC train booking, various terms and acronyms, such as classes, station codes, and quotas, come into play. One common acronym is RAC. This article delves into the meaning of RAC and its implications for travelers.

What is RAC?

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. While holding an RAC ticket permits travel on a train, it does not guarantee a berth. Essentially, passengers with RAC tickets may need to share a berth with another RAC passenger. Understanding the nuances of RAC is crucial for travelers seeking clarity on its implications.

Sharing Berths and Possibilities:

Having an RAC ticket implies sharing a berth with another passenger under the RAC quota. Additionally, the chance of acquiring an empty berth arises in two scenarios: a last-minute cancellation occurs for a confirmed seat, or there are unsold berths in any quota.

Difference in RAC and WL:

RAC and WL (Waiting List) are distinct. While RAC allows half a berth for the passenger, WL does not guarantee a seat. Despite the inconvenience of RAC, it is often preferred over WL, especially during extended journeys or time-sensitive situations.

Confirmation of RAC Tickets:

RAC tickets don't assure a confirmed seat initially, but they might convert to a confirmed status. If a passenger with a confirmed ticket doesn't board the train, RAC quota travelers may secure a berth. This transformation occurs when cancellations or no-shows create opportunities for RAC passengers.

Chart Preparation and Changes:

An intriguing aspect of RAC quota tickets is the potential conversion to confirmed status after chart preparation. Therefore, RAC travelers may find that luck favors them, and they secure a full berth for their journey.

Cancellation of RAC Tickets:

Yes, RAC tickets can be canceled. If a traveler decides not to embark on the journey without a confirmed seat, the cancellation process is an option. However, cancellation must be initiated at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure, and a cancellation charge applies. Refunds are not granted for cancellations made less than 30 minutes before the train's departure.

In essence, comprehending the intricacies of RAC status in railway ticket booking is pivotal for travelers, as it not only defines their travel conditions but also offers possibilities for securing a confirmed berth during the journey.




Published January 10th, 2024 at 19:05 IST

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