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DIY crafts for a unique work table that will elevate your workspace

With these creative and budget-friendly DIY crafts, you can turn your work table into an inspiring and organised space.

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Transforming your work table into a personalised and visually appealing space doesn't require elaborate purchases. Embrace your creative side with these DIY crafts that will add charm and functionality to your work area.

Custom desk organiser

Create a personalised desk organiser to keep your stationery in order. Repurpose small containers like empty cans or mason jars. Paint or decorate them with colourful paper, fabric, or washi tape. Arrange the containers in a creative pattern and secure them together. This DIY organiser not only adds a pop of colour but also keeps your essentials within easy reach.

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Inspirational quote board

Craft an inspirational quote board to motivate and uplift your spirits. Choose a wooden board or canvas, paint it in your favourite colour, and add a layer of chalkboard paint. Write or stencil an inspiring quote using chalk or chalk markers. Change the quote whenever you need a boost of positivity.

Fabric-covered bulletin board

Give your bulletin board a stylish makeover by covering it with fabric. Choose a fabric that compliments your workspace aesthetic. Stretch the fabric tightly over the board and secure it to the back. Use decorative pins or clips to attach notes, reminders, and photos. This functional and decorative piece adds a touch of personality to your work area.

Mason jar desk lamp

Turn a mason jar into a stylish desk lamp. Attach a lamp kit to the lid of the jar and insert an energy-efficient bulb. Paint or decorate the jar to match your workspace theme. This DIY desk lamp not only provides functional lighting but also serves as a chic decor piece.

Succulent planters

Add a touch of greenery to your work table with DIY succulent planters. Repurpose small containers or tin cans by painting them in pastel colors. Fill each container with soil and plant small succulents. These low-maintenance plants add a refreshing and natural element to your workspace.

Representative image | Unsplash

Decorative storage boxes

Upgrade plain storage boxes by decorating them with patterned paper, fabric, or paint. Label each box for specific items like stationery, cables, or notebooks. These decorative storage boxes keep your workspace organised while adding a stylish touch.


Published January 5th, 2024 at 08:35 IST

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