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Most Expensive Paintings By Indian Artists That Every True Lover Of Art Would Know Of

It is difficult to predict the true value of any art form – especially paintings. Some of these may appear ordinary for the common man, but the true art lovers

expensive paintings

A painting is a beautiful and expressive form of art. Some of the painters, over the years, have painted beautiful pictures of India's culture, tradition, and other stuff, to exhibit their unparalleled artistic genius. Some of the paintings by Indian artists have received great accolades by art lovers in the past and got sold at unbelievable prices because of their uniqueness. This post highlights some of the highly expensive Indian paintings, as per the list prepared by and   

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Top Expensive Paintings by Indian Artists


This has been a popular masterpiece by Francis Newton Souza – a Goa-based artist. It was painted in the year 1955. It was sold at an auction in the year 2015 at approximately twenty-seven crores rupees (INR) to become the most expensive painting by an Indian artist till then.

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2. Untitled – by V. Gaitonde

This Untitled painting by artist Vasudeo Gaitonde is a mixture of euphoric colours, strokes, and textures. This painting was done by him in the year 1979. It was sold for over twenty-three and a half crore rupees in 2013 at an auction in Christie's art gallery.

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3. Saurashtra – by S.H.Raza

It was painted by Syed Haider Raza in the year 1983. He held the prestigious position of one of the founding members of the Bombay Progressive Artists' group. This ‘acrylic on canvas’ painting is one of his pivotal artistic works in his professional life. It was sold for nearly sixteen and a half crore rupees (INR) at an auction in London in 2010.

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4. Durga Mahishasura Mardini – by Tyeb Mehta

This painting by artist Tyeb Mehta is an artistically brilliant representation of Goddess Durga with demon Mahishasura. It was commissioned by Tyeb Mehta in 1993. This masterpiece by Mehta got sold for a whopping amount of around twenty crores (INR) in November 2018 at Boundless India, Sotheby’s inaugural auction.

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5. Untitled - Self-portrait by Amrita Sher Gil

This was a self-portrait painted by the Hungarian-Indian artist, Amrita Sher Gil, a pioneer in modern Indian art. It was painted by her using ‘oil on canvas’ when she was a teenager (in 1933). It got sold in 2015 for nearly eighteen crore rupees.

These above listed are some of the most expensive Indian paintings that we have come to know till 2019. The artistic brilliance and wonderful use of colours have made these paintings come to life. The ultra-premium prices at which these paintings have got sold over the years just prove the fact that there is no price too high for true art lovers.

Image courtesy - Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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