Updated April 24th, 2024 at 15:35 IST

Full Pink Moon In Scorpio In April: Zodiac Signs Likely To Be Affected

Astrologically speaking, April 2024 has been a rather eventful month. One of the concluding events of the month is the full pink moon in the sign of Scorpio.

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The month of April has been all about renewal, or setting up for the same - in most cases, with rather painful shifts, if the ongoing Mercury Retrograde is anything to go by. The month's significance stands enhanced owing to it being fraught with the impact of eclipse season. One of the major concluding events of April in this regard, is the full pink moon in the sign of Scorpio. While any full moon tends to have its varied impact on all the zodiac signs, this event in particular, impacts four signs the most, in particular.


The full pink moon in April 2024 is taking place in the sign of Scorpio. Needless to say, those born in this zodiac sign or having a major placement in it, will be feeling its impact the most. All the emotional and spiritual purging one may have gone through for majority of the Mercury Retrograde this month - voluntarily or not - will now stand supplemented by a need to chose oneself.


This can range right from rehashing one's physical appearance to a knee-jerk shift in how you approach life in general.


The full pink moon in Scorpio is bringing with it all things 'new' for the sign of Taurus, particularly in relationships. This impact does not just restrict itself to the love life of Taurians. New business partnerships, finding a mentor or a sudden expansion in both your professional and personal circles may occur as a result.


Those with any major placement in Taurus need to let go of the idea that they need to make it through everything alone.


The full pink moon in Scorpio will put the spotlight on the sector of career, when it comes to those born in the sign of Aquarius, or having any major placement in it. You may find yourself chancing across unexpected success or potential connections who may help you on your professional journey ahead.


Aquarians however, need to beware of jealous friends who may put a damper in your celebrations.


Finally, the full pink moon in Scorpio will push those born in the sign of Leo, to take a hard look at their foundations. This extends to both family and the kind of people you chose to surround yourself with everyday. You may even find yourself shifting homes or entirely uphauling your family setup as a result.


Leos are also strongly advised to let go of the amount of importance they attach to the opinions of others.


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