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Zodiac-aligned gemstones that are best suited for your personality

Let us delve into the kinds of gemstones that you should wear according to your Zodiac sign. From diamonds to moonstone, find out what suits you.

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Gemstones | Image:Unsplash

Your Zodiac signs say a lot about your life, personality traits, emotions and responses. Different sun signs react to problems differently and have different solutions to those problems. From lucky and unlucky colours to numbers, your Zodiac sign decides a lot of things. Let us delve into the kinds of gemstones that you should wear according to your Zodiac sign.


Fiery and dynamic Aries is connected to the diamond. Symbolising strength and clarity, diamonds are believed to enhance Aries' natural leadership qualities and bring focus to their ambitions.

Diamonds | Image: Unsplash


The grounded and humble Taurus finds its match in the emerald. This lush green gem is associated with prosperity and harmony, improving Taurus' earthy sensibilities and fostering balance in their lives.


Adaptable, change-oriented and accepting Gemini resonates with agate. This versatile gemstone is thought to enhance communication skills, intellectual agility, and provide stability during the whirlwind of Gemini's flickering nature.


Emotional and nurturing Cancer aligns with the moonstone. Reflecting the phases of the moon, this gem is believed to enhance intuition, provide emotional balance, and cast a calming influence on Cancerians.


Regal and passionate Leo finds its gem in peridot. Symbolising strength and vitality, peridot is thought to bring out more of Leo's charisma, creativity, and their undying zest for life. The gem is known to compliment their confidence.


Detail-oriented Virgo connects with the beautiful sapphire. Representing wisdom and purity, sapphires are believed to amplify Virgo's analytical abilities and promote a sense of calm in their decision-making skills

Sapphire | Image: Unsplash


The peace-loving and harmonious Libra is associated with the opal. Reflecting a spectrum of colours, opals are thought to enhance Libra's diplomatic nature, foster balance, and stimulate creativity.


Intense Scorpio resonates with topaz. Symbolising passion and protection, topaz is believed to enhance Scorpio's depth, intuition, and provide strength during transformation.


Explorers of the Zodiac signs, adventurous Sagittarius aligns with turquoise. Representing wisdom and protection, turquoise is thought to amplify Sagittarius' optimism, courage, and spiritual insight.


Capricorn finds its match in garnet, which compliments its discipline. Symbolising strength and protection, garnets are believed to enhance Capricorn's resilience, grounding, and success in their pursuits.


Aquarius is believed to be visionaries of Zodiac signs and are connected to amethyst. Representing clarity and spiritual insight, amethyst is thought to enhance Aquarius' intuition, intellectual pursuits, and balance their innovative energy.

Amethyst | Image: Unsplash


The dreamer of the bunch, Pisces aligns with aquamarine stone. Representing tranquility and clarity, aquamarine is believed to enhance Pisces' intuition, compassion, and provide a calming influence on their overstimulated mind.


Published December 17th, 2023 at 13:22 IST

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