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Men's Hairstyles That Are Ideal For Your Face Shape

Diversity in face shapes, including oval, rectangular, round, square, heart, oblong, and pear, necessitates a tailored approach to choosing haircuts.

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Discovering the perfect haircut transcends merely the texture and density of your hair; it significantly depends on the shape of your face. This explains why many individuals end up dissatisfied after attempting to replicate a celebrity's hairstyle, not considering the difference in facial structure.

A haircut that flatters a diamond-shaped face, characterised by narrow forehead and jaw with wider cheeks, will markedly differ from one suitable for a triangle-shaped face, which tapers from a broad forehead to a narrower chin. This diversity in face shapes, including oval, rectangular, round, square, heart, oblong, and pear, necessitates a tailored approach to choosing haircuts.


Identifying your face shape

To ascertain your face shape, snap a straightforward selfie and use your phone's markup feature to outline your face. Examine the width variation among your forehead, cheeks, jaw, and chin, and the alignment of facial features relative to your forehead's height. Factors like hairline, bone structure, and body weight also play crucial roles. After you figured this out, check out the hairstyles meant for you.


Haircuts for oval face 

 Individuals with oval faces have a plethora of flattering hairstyles to choose from, thanks to their balanced proportions. Options range from keeping the sides short to sporting swept-up, side-parted, or slicked-back hair.

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Haircuts for rectangular face

Rectangular faces, blending traits of several shapes, benefit from hairstyles that soften sharp angles and avoid accentuating facial length. Textured or volumised looks that maintain fullness and definition are ideal.


Haircuts for round face 

For round faces, the goal is to elongate and add definition by opting for leaner cuts on the sides and textured tops, steering clear of styles that highlight roundness.


Haircuts for square face 

Square faces should aim to introduce roundness, balancing height with nearly-matched length on the sides, akin to Robert Pattinson's often tousled appearance.

Image credit: Pexels

Haircuts for triangular face 

Characterised by a pronounced chin, triangle faces should aim to narrow the forehead with sweeping, parted, or fringe styles that de-emphasise width and highlight an angular jawline.


Published March 17th, 2024 at 22:27 IST

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