Updated March 21st, 2024 at 14:40 IST

Why Are People Adding Broccoli To Their Make-Up Kits?

With all the beauty trends going viral, videos of people using broccoli to create freckles is something that beauty enthusiasts never saw coming.

Broccoli freckles trend | Image:X

In times when beauty and skincare regimens are continuously evolving, where experts keep on advocating for eco-friendly choices, an unexpected nature-friendly trend has gained traction on social media. The latest viral sensation in terms of beauty hacks involves using broccoli, a common kitchen staple, to create realistic-looking faux freckles, much to the surprise of beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

How did the broccoli freckles trend start?

Abigail Jones, a beauty influencer, recently shared a video that captured the attention of millions. In her innovative demonstration, Jones showed netizens how a simple broccoli floret could be transformed into a beauty tool, rivalling the need for costly and specialised freckle stamping products. After dipping a broccoli floret in a shade of concealer darker than her skin tone, Jones delicately applied the vegetable across her cheekbones and nose, achieving a naturally freckled appearance that garnered widespread attention. Since then, there have been various Instagram reels depicting the same. 

How to achieve Broccoli freckles?

For those intrigued by this novel approach and eager to replicate the effect, the process is straightforward. Begin by selecting a clean broccoli head, ensuring it is thoroughly washed to remove any potential contaminants. Next, lightly coat the broccoli in a darker concealer or bronzer of choice. With a gentle touch, stamp the vegetable onto the desired areas of the face, such as the cheekbones and nose, to create the faux freckles. It's crucial to start with a minimal amount of product on the broccoli to avoid any potential mess and adjust the intensity of the application as needed.

Image credit: @abisskincare/IG 

This broccoli-based beauty hack stood out for its out of the box creativity, but also for its accessibility and cost-effectiveness, demonstrating how unconventional materials can find a place in the beauty toolkit. As long as proper hygiene is maintained by washing the broccoli before use, this method presents a unique alternative for those looking to achieve a freckled look without the drawbacks associated with traditional makeup tools.


Published March 21st, 2024 at 14:40 IST