These Books Will Take You To Hong Kong And Back In Just A Couple Of Hours


Can't Travel to Hong Kong? Here is a list of four books that will certainly make you feel like you in Hong Kong. read more about some books on Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination for Indians. It is known for its food, infrastructure, shopping, and vast natural landscape. Here are some books on Hong Kong that will instantly transport you there, no matter where in the world you are.

Books about hong Kong

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Hong Kong Noir: Fifteen true tales from the dark side of the city

Hong Kong Noir is a set of stories written by a retired pathologist, Feng Chi-shun. The writer was once the owner of a dive bar in a rough part of HongKong called Kowloon City. Kowloon City was infamously home to the dangerous triad gangs of Hong Kong. The book also narrates the stories the writer heard that time like details of the gruesome Hello Kitty murder, what the taxi driver from hell did to his passengers and how an old movie star managed to fool hundreds of people during his final performance. 

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Umbrella: A Political tale from Hong Kong by Kong Tsung-Gan

This popular book is written by the activist, Kong Tsung-gan that details the factors that caused the massive protests in Hongkong. The book's title refers to the famous Umbrella Movement that was used by the rallyists in 2014 to protect themselves from the tear gas thrown at them by the police. This movement basically became a symbol for the democracy they have been fighting for. The book is around 650 pages long and gives a proper insight on what’s going on in Hong Kong currently.

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Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy To A City by Xu Xi

This book is a part of the Penguin Specials: Hong Kong series. This book unfolds Xu Xi’s letter to her beloved Hong Kong when she was finally leaving it for good. The book recounts the writer’s life in Hong Kong as a child and how she came to the point to break up with it like the two were in a committed relationship. 

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Gweilo: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood

This book revolves around a British boy growing up in post-war in the 1950s Hong Kong. The young boy is torn between a mother who embraces all the Chinese traditions and a father who is appalled by his family “going native”. This makes him take the decision to explore the British colony alone. In his adventures, the boy befriends rickshaw coolies, picks up an impressive amount of street Cantonese and even roams around into the forbidden Kowloon Walled City.

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